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  1. For 2014's they have a 1.5 bl and a 3.5 bl/level combo according to their website. What am I missing here?
  2. I like the slight rake. 2" block in the rear - is that stacked onto the factory 1.25" block?
  3. I believe this guy has 18" stockers, stock tires on a 4.5" zone. They stick out even with stock tires
  4. That looks good with the stock wheel and lift IMO. Do ur front wheels stick outside of the fenders?
  5. Parking with my quad cab ram 1500 can even be a chore in certain parking lots.
  6. NiceHow's the longer wheelbase for parking lots and what not?
  7. My mistake Crew cab standard box it is I'll see if I can change thread title.
  8. Yes I'm fully aware that 6' is the long box for the 1500's. Thx This an opportunity to have this configuration in a designated thread. Stock or not. I'm up here in Saskatchewan Canada near city called Saskatoon. Go to 3rd year school in March then my hours will be around 7200 so hope to get back for 4th asap
  9. When I finish Millwright apprenticeship I plan on pulling the trigger on one of these bad boys preferably with the 6.2. Also planning either a 4.5 or a 6" zone with 33 or 34's. Can't wait!

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