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  1. I just bought an 18 lt z71 summit white so she's stock for now. (Pulled the factory steps). Thinking of 2" front combined with 2" Rear and/or 1.5" bl We'll see what gives it the look I'm going for. Wanting to keep stock 18's and maybe only go up a size or 2 eventually. In a nutshell going for a 3/4 ton look you could say. Want to keep factory pinion angles as this is the smoothest riding truck I'e Ever owned. That being said ur tire size and rim and the debadging just plain works. It emphasizes the "muscle" of the truck. May have to debadge mine. I'very got the crew cab std box as well.
  2. I couldn't put my finger on what was different about this truck that gave it that look. Debadged combined with that wheel tire combo makes for one sweet looking truck. Nice
  3. This is the problem with mix matching lifts or leaving components out etc. Your gambling on whether ur angles will be ok. I think I heard somewhere that as long as ur under 2 degrees difference u shouldn't notice. A strait edge on ur pinion flange with a degree gauge would tell you. If u can get a straight edge on with the driveshaft connected, or unhook ur driveshaft and check.
  4. I think so too. Leveling or lifting the transmission pinion angle changes therefore to compensate angled blocks are used. The tapered blocks - instead of "nose diving" your rear pinion down they'll actually tilt the pinion (rear diff)up. Matching the raised pinion of the front.
  5. In their bigger lifts and their leveling kits rough country uses tapered blocks. I think Zone does too. To taper or not to taper
  6. http://zoneoffroad.com/blog/zone-offroad-new-product-announcement-128-2018-chevy-gmc-1500-lift-kits/ Good news for 2018 owners
  7. About to pull the trigger on a 18 lt z71 Does anyone know if the Zone 1.5 bl worKS on an 18? Assuming it will but it just says 16 - 17 on theor website for kit c9158.
  8. For 2014's they have a 1.5 bl and a 3.5 bl/level combo according to their website. What am I missing here?
  9. I like the slight rake. 2" block in the rear - is that stacked onto the factory 1.25" block?
  10. I believe this guy has 18" stockers, stock tires on a 4.5" zone. They stick out even with stock tires

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