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  1. It isn't my first GM nor will it be my last. Unless you have access to every GM/Chev owner on the planet, you wouldn't know who is having problems. A fraction of owners find their way online to find out more about it or to see what others are experiencing. If this 1500 of mine shakes or vibrates, it too will go back to GM.
  2. I dropped to a 1500. I think a class action lawsuit is in order. GM owes a lot of people compensation for the trouble we've had with these trucks.. including the financial loss realized when offloading the truck. The 1500 I have is not comparable to the 2500 but it sure handles well. Don't hang on to yours too long if you are not happy with it. It is depreciating by the day, a huge investment and GM doing squat. Report your concerns to the transportation safety dept. It won't do any good but it will create a file and time stamp of your complaint. Good luck.
  3. I felt the same way about the truck size, bed and motor. I did have it into the dealer about 8 times. They did the first few bulletins as well as a number of alignments. I swamped tires, hope the sloppiness was just the rubber. It continued to wander, especially to the right. Faster meant sloppier. I just could not trust it to take me to some of the destinations I drive. Like I said, GM has dropped the ball on this and I have filed a complaint with the federal transportation safety dept but don't expect a thing to happen to a lobby group as large as GM is.
  4. I had a 2016 All Terrain Duramax. Beautiful truck. The loose steering and wandering was not only a pain in the butt but was safety concern for me. After 1/2 dozen trips to the dealer and GM's lack of support, I decided to get rid of it while I could. I went back to a 1500 and am not looking back. It really leaves a sickening feeling in the stomach to have to do that but I just couldn't trust the truck or GM. The 1500 is solid, easy drive and yes I do miss the 3/4 ton and the Duramax. I do however like the auto trans mode for winter driving.. when needed. The steering on the 1500 is great. I posted a few comment about the 3/4 ton on this site. It is a shame that folks have to go through such problems and GM is putting out a litany of patches for 'new' trucks. Wish you all the best of luck with your vehicles and perhaps if GM reads this, they should come clean and offer compensation to the owners of these trucks.
  5. Sold my 2016 and am not looking back at the pos. As far as I'm concerned it is a safety hazard and GM ought to install a permanent repair or buy these vehicles back. For me, they can hand over a few k for the bs I put up with and the loss on the sale. It is wrong to treat folks like crap who have spent 80k on a vehicle. How many bulletins will GM put owners through?
  6. Finally got rid of the POS. I did have a chance to speak to a guy that has a 2015 2500 D Z71. He is running a heavy V blade on his and at 14K has no issues. Not sure if the 15s have the same steering. Regardless, I'm not looking back.. good luck to all and keep fighting or get rid of yours.
  7. You get a couple of oil changes of whatever grade the vehicle calls for. In my 2500 Max, I opted to up the quality. This new 6.2l that I have has just 1k miles on it. In my original post, I wondered about the first oil change and I did note that most people are changing the oil at or around that mileage.... below 2k miles let's say. I know from other vehicles that I would see a change oil notification at certain intervals. What is questionable is that 7,500 miles is a stretch for a first oil change. One dealer says 7500 miles and another says 5000 miles. I wondered if there was something specific in the manual that I missed or whether someone could offer something official that states when the first oil change should be. I've looked through the manual, searched the manual and I haven't seen anything about it.
  8. You are stating nothing new and certainly not answering the question/concern I have. The truck has a break in period, like every other truck I've owned from GM. Don't drive too hard, do not maintain high speeds, do not tow etc etc. So if you cannot provide documentation regarding break in pertaining to oil, refrain from spouting something everyone knows. We know that the "counter" is set and will come on when time/period is near for an oil change. That stuff is a given. What is not clear is GM saying if the first oil should not be changed until 7,500 miles, that it is their policy or just something the dealer is saying. That's my point.
  9. Like I said, the dealer told me 7,500 miles and no indication of a first oil change in the GM good book. They also said there is no such thing as a break in oil etc. 0W20 full synthetic is the oil they use. I find this motor spools quite a bit before it kicks in, totally different than a 5.3 or 6.0 or even the heavy diesel. I want to follow manufacturer advice so as not to void warranty but also would like to change it sooner than later. Don't know why GM isn't up front on this. Dont want a pissing contest here over this but if anyone has something concrete from GM that would confirm what I've been told or something that I could take to the dealer to show them that they are wrong.. put it forth. Thx.
  10. Topping this up.... 17 Gm 6.2lt Sierra. Dealer says 12K or 7500 miles before first oil change. Just doesn't feel right and I've looked for something from GMC saying otherwise but came up empty. Surely the first oil change should be completed earlier than the dealer says????? Appreciate any info you have on this.
  11. Good luck to those who have commented here on the steering problems and have complained to the dealers, to GM and to government safety departments. As I have said in previous comments, other than a lawsuit, I doubt that GM will take notice of the steering problems in these new trucks. It is not ok to spend $60k - $80k for a vehicle and have to deal these problems right off the lot in many cases. f GM enters this conversation, I hope they have the gonads to reach out to each of us and try to mend the broken trust that so many of us have had with GM at this time. I have owned six GMCs and none gave me the problems of my 2016.
  12. Forgot to mention vibration through the gas pedal.. Gas pedal is like a pulse push. Not sure if it has anything to do with steering, perhaps the whole truck is beginning to come unglued. I thought about how this vehicle will feel at 40k or 60k.
  13. Just completed a 2k run and am exhausted from correcting the steering. GD thing wanders like a camel. With a diesel on the front end, it isn't fun. Steering wheel seems to enjoy the left side and rarely needs right while on highway. I feel that the only time that this truck is sensible is when driving at low speed, within town. I'm about ready to sell it or trade it. GM will not do anything but what it is made to do for folks with problems with these trucks.
  14. Class action is the only way to grab their attention. Everyone on these forums and anyone else out there experiencing this issue that hasn't found this site and others like it will hopefully come forth. GM is playing with lives and hard earned money. I know that Canada has a federal Transportation Dept but does the US that handles complaints of vehicle failure? It is gd shame that these new trucks have such problems.
  15. I think it is a good idea to list model and mileage when the problem occurred but also believe it is imperative that everyone contact their DOT, Department of Transportation or something similar to register the issue. It may cause an investigation into the problem GM has passed on to its customers. 2016 2500 All Terrain Duramax. Mileage was low at 700. Steering wheel was always left and sloppy. I found I was constantly fighting the truck on the road. Brought it to the dealer and they complete Bulletin D, which seemed to work but steering wheel is still slightly left and I really do not find that the steering tightens at speed. GD thing is all over the road. I haven't driven it much since because I don't trust it and won't until GM admits there is a problem and everyone is getting the same fix, some get Bulletin D and others have the entire steering box replaced. Dealer was good about it but they can only do so much.

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