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  1. Thanks for the info and wiring diagram. I'll do some testing this weekend and report back.
  2. 2017. I realize this is not the K2XX subforum, but I am trying to gather any and all semi-related info that I can.
  3. OP, did you ever figure out what was causing your issue? I had a similar experience this weekend: I was in CT, 2 states away from home, in the middle of the woods, and the truck threw the U0100 and P0700 codes and went into limp mode for a bit. I cleared them with a Scangauge and it's been fine since, aside from the POS clunky shifting that I normally experience. The dealership this morning told me there is nothing they can do because I cleared the codes.
  4. OP, did you ever resolve this issue? Have the codes popped up again at all? This weekend my truck threw the P0700 and U0100 codes. I read them with my Scangauge, and cleared them to see if they would come back on (they didn't). I took it to the dealership this morning, and the service advisor is telling me that there is nothing that can be done since I cleared the codes. Next time it happens I'll make sure not to clear them. Aside from the typical clunky shifting I normally experience with this truck, it seems to be running ok.
  5. In the second photo down it looks a little bit bent just above the block. Perfect excuse for an upgrade.
  6. There's some good info on this topic in this thread: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/155409-hill-decent-control/
  7. +1 on the 4Runner. I traded in an '05 4Runner Sport with 240,000 miles for my Silverado (in the background above). I still wish I had kept it for a spare vehicle... It had a 3" lift with 32" tires, far more ground clearance than the new Silverado. It was great off road, and with the back seats folded down it was great for hauling hiking or camping gear, mountain bikes, etc. On-road it left a little to be desired, since I had the V6 in it instead of Toyota's 4.7L V8. Newer generations don't offer the V6 though. I'm also pretty tall, and the 4Runner was a tight fit inside compared to the Silverado.
  8. Some good info here: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/198591-2017-gmc-sierra-1500-surge-hesitation-chuggle-misfire-feeling-with-a-light-tip-in/page-1
  9. It's definitely frustrating when you make an investment in a vehicle that fails to meet your expectations, but there are plenty of people with our trucks that have no driveability issues and are satisfied with their purchase. If you are not satisfied, I'd highly recommend returning to your dealer and having them take a look at it under warranty. Shit happens, and that's what the warranty is there for. FWIW, my 2017 Silverado with the 5.3 engine and 3.42 rear end exhibited these same symptoms under light throttle around 30 mph, starting at about 500 miles. Wasn't there on the extended test drive. GM said the trans was learning, so I waited it out. Things improved marginally after a few thousand miles, but then I had the TSB mentioned earlier in this thread done and drove it for another few thousand miles and now the problem is resolved. Whether it was the trans learning or the TSB that helped, I am not sure.
  10. It is possible, but you will either need to buy a harness from Gen5DIY or make your own. http://www.gen5diy.com/Chevrolet/Silverado/P-P-Harness13/Headlight-Harness6/20162017-Silverado-Non-LTZ20162017-Silverado-LTZ-Headlamp-Harness/
  11. The Range unit may reduce your fuel economy by 1 mpg or so, but it really is negligible. I'm still averaging 18 mpg (hand-calcs) with a mix of highway and city driving after using mine for about 10k miles. There are a few threads with some good info, I gave them a good read before dropping the money on one myself. I struggled with the hesitation/chuggle issue myself for a while. It didn't start until about the 200 mile mark, then started to clear up a little bit after 2k miles or so. Then I got the Range unit, which further reduced the issue. Then I had the TSB done around the 10k mile mark and now it's about 95% fixed.
  12. If your '17 is doing it, get the TSB mentioned earlier in this thread done. I had it done a couple of months ago, and between that and using a Range unit to keep the truck in v8 mode, the problem is 95% fixed. Still an occasional chuggle, but not like it was before.
  13. I have the Husky underseat storage bin in my 2017 double cab. I like it, it holds a ton of stuff and has a nice factory look to it. I've got it full with jumper cables , tow strap, snatch strap, tie downs, bungee cords, a tarp, gloves, snow broom, ice scraper, and a few other miscellaneous items. I went with the Husky over the Du-Ha because of the more factory look, cheaper price, and saved on some shipping costs ordering it alongside front & rear Husky floor liners.

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