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  1. my 2017 rides real smooth. but then again, I came from a 2500HD
  2. it is very easy to adjust your headlights
  3. don't forget rich Corinthian leather
  4. buy a winch mount that fits into your receiver. I had one on an older truck of mine and it worked great. you can also purchase a receiver mount for the front of your truck, that way you can use the winch on the front, and back.
  5. dealers don't know shit. Green is not for first production year
  6. if your asking me, I had a guy who custom paints motorcycles do it. I just showed him a picture and he did a great job painting it .
  7. looks nice. I had someone paint my engine cover for my Camaro. Once its under the hood, it just doesn't "pop" like it would under the sun.
  8. I get 22mpg average on the highway with AFM disabled.
  9. IMO, if you don't need 4wd, 2wd is the way to go. No reason not to enjoy your truck, its basically the same truck.
  10. congrats. I got the same color. a lot easier to keep it looking good compared to my black camaro
  11. I will have to agree with the old school car comment. My 69 was a lot more fun to drive.
  12. while I don't have the desire to transform my Silverado into a "race truck", I did install this CAI on my Camaro, and my butt dyno says it added a little hp. As far as the comment of $200 install, it was so easy, that a caveman could install it.

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