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  1. You won't Plasticoat over peeling chrome because you need a clean solid base to Plasticoat. I agree to pass, he's wants to pass his issues on to someone else.
  2. No more of a sin than to put Chinese communist wheels on an American truck assembled in the USA.
  3. Is that the reason you joined this forum? To piss and moan for one post?
  4. What do you carry for your CCW?

    KImber 5" .45 cal.
  5. Jake, It's decorative and LTZ specific, at least for the 2016 and 2017 years.
  6. Looks like a Taliban desert camo paint job and mods. The only item missing is a .50 cal. BMG mount in the bed.
  7. Fan fails, melts OEM lens and wiring harness = Big $$
  8. Have you done body lifts before with no code issues?
  9. Selling wheel/tire take-offs & BBP AutoCal

    Roofer, Great price for the wheels and tires. Unfortunately if you're not selling 295x85x22 tires and Chinese 22" chrome or black wheels you're chances of selling here are slim. Your local Craig's list should sell them pronto at that price. GLWS.
  10. Your gauge is faulty, you couldn't get 31 MPG if you drove it off Pike's Peak with a following wind of a hurricane. I show a similar figure of 28.3 MPG and it's total bull$shit.
  11. Demar, Sorry to see you go and GL with your F150. One comment you made that I highlighted in bold: The GM 6.2 won't take the Ford 3.5 0-60? I wasn't aware, probably time to check You Tube vids.
  12. Buying off a dealer's lot requires some flexibility and the buyer has to decide what he can do with and do without. I shopped for some weeks for an F150 with dealers in a 100 miles radius and just couldn't pay for moon roofs, HD towing and off-road packages that I would never use for a street queen truck . So I checked Chevy dealers and found exactly what I was looking for (less voice navigation) in an LTZ 4 miles away. As it turns out I didn't need voice navigation when Onstar offers short-term data plans where one can use an I-pad and google maps while driving to navigate. Little did I know about this until after ownership. The only way to get exactly what you want is to order it and when June arrives that option is no longer available. It's amusing to see some owners here wanting to trade front-ends, doors, buying decals for a make-believe model truck that they want.
  13. Two new wrecked trucks and thousands of dollars in 'mods' down the toilet...................have you considered a bicycle or are you going for three strikes?
  14. Your lift kit is NOT a factory warranty, it's your dealer's warranty. There are NO direct OEM factory lift kits. These dealers send them out after they are received from the GM assembly plants.

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