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  1. There are numerous posts here telling of leaky Bak-flip tonneau covers. To be fair they make quite a few different models so this may not pertain to all of them but for the price they charge there shouldn't be any leaks. See what you can find doing a "Search" in this thread. PS: Nice looking 2018!
  2. Chevy Offering Huge Incentives On Malibu

    Especially when that little 4 cyl turbo blows your Silverado's door off!
  3. Hit the nail right on the head. They change bulbs and assume nothing else is needed, the same as when their lifted their truck destroys ball joints.........
  4. They are not SS bolts, they are more than likely cadmium plated. Does a magnet attract to them?
  5. 2019 Chevy Silverado Spotlight - Cargo Bed Area

    What caught my eye was the factory dual exhaust!
  6. Oh, yeah, riiiiight, Mr. Dealership

    You CANNOT run a credit check on ANYONE without their written permission and SSN.
  7. Ebay. Search for your part number GM 20937769. Many are free shipping. The GM part number will be stamped inside the rims along with the offset, don't settle for copies. There are quite a few shown on N J Craiglist now.
  8. You won't Plasticoat over peeling chrome because you need a clean solid base to Plasticoat. I agree to pass, he's wants to pass his issues on to someone else.
  9. No more of a sin than to put Chinese communist wheels on an American truck assembled in the USA.
  10. Is that the reason you joined this forum? To piss and moan for one post?
  11. What do you carry for your CCW?

    KImber 5" .45 cal.
  12. Jake, It's decorative and LTZ specific, at least for the 2016 and 2017 years.
  13. Looks like a Taliban desert camo paint job and mods. The only item missing is a .50 cal. BMG mount in the bed.
  14. Fan fails, melts OEM lens and wiring harness = Big $$

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