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  1. Sorry, i know old thread. Do you have any updates pictures or vids? i was gonna pull the trigger on amazon. Thank you.
  2. Ill be getting mine out on, on Sunday. Ill post a review and pics.
  3. Thank you! sorry for the late response. I have decided on a 35x12.5x20 on 20X9 Fuel throttle Wheel setup.
  4. Hey guys. new to the forum. what about putting corsa exhasut meant for 2011-2014 6.0s on a 2016 2500 6.0? Specifically this.... PN 14794 http://www.corsaperf.com/viewpart.aspx?year=2014&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado&submodel=2500&body=Crew+Cab%2fStandard+Bed&partnum=14794&cfg=617 thank you!

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