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  1. Silicone adhesive. A bit of dielectric grease on the connections too.
  2. No place to zip tie those.. I looked too. I just coated the connector all the way around with silicone and it is very secure.
  3. That's exactly what happened to me too. Later I found out that we didn't need to disconnect the power steering anyway. The locking tab on the clip has broken. I checked everywhere and nobody has replacement connectors either. I just took some silicone adhesive and put it around the connector. If it ever needs to come off, it will too.
  4. It literally saved my @ss two days after I picked up my truck. I was distracted with messing around with different settings and the warning went off and it applied the brakes. I would have rear ended the guy.
  5. I don't believe Z71 is available with NHT package.
  6. 4.3 V6 gone in 2019?

    I'm with you on almost all counts! Even the concealed carry!! Although I probably wouldn't go with a 2500; I don't even need a 1/2 ton truck. A 2500 won't fit in my garage like the short bed does LOL!! Best to ya, John
  7. 4.3 V6 gone in 2019?

    Wow did this thread take a left turn. So let's see, were we talking about V6's being gone in 2019 or whether or not to eat the apple?
  8. I’ve got a ‘17 5.3 SLT without Max Tow that came standard with the 8 speed. It’s got the Premium Plus option too but I don’t think that’s what included the 8L90.
  9. Remember that GDI engines WILL normally get fuel past the rings and into the crankcase. Just because you can smell gas on the oil cap and on the dipstick does not mean you have a problem. A rising oil level however does indicate a problem. Make sure to be consistent on when you check it too; fully warmed up like after at least 15-25 miles and always level.
  10. Nope. Earlier years had the 8 speed only with 6.2 but that was right when the 8 speed came out. Now, the SLT comes standard with the 8L90 5.3 and 6.2.
  11. Right?! Rain sensing wipers should be standard on every vehicle. That is one option I really like on our other cars.
  12. I researched this in depth before I purchased. I decided on the Elite E2 without Clean Side Separator (CSS). The CSS is primarily for low vacuum events such as towing or a frequent heavy foot. I believe in these things and I get a fair amount of oil in the can which I’m glad isn't on my intake valves. Elite has been around a long time but they all are good and work on the same principle.
  13. The geometry is affected the same either way; Bilteins or spacer. What happens when you lift the front is the suspension moves the tire/wheel in towards the frame. When you fully unload the front suspension (same as lifting the truck), the wheels will move in at least 1" each and then out by at least that much when fully loaded. I did a 2" RC lift and every once in a while while backing up and if the angle is such that the suspension is unloaded on one of the front sides, I'll get a UCA rub with stock tires and wheels.
  14. Easy there gramps, you're gunna blow a gasket and you really don't want to go there, right?
  15. I agree with you 100%...The Grumpy Guy quoted my earlier post saying I was following too close (which he has since deleted that post): "Then your follow distance was a bit short? (Question not a statement) A very basic driving skill and one few give enough of. Why? "Because if I give enough space then someone else will take it'! Wrong answer, right? " Hello.... that was my point! I was following too close and it saved me from rear ending the guy. I think now I know where he got his name.

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