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    2017 Sierra SLT Premium Plus Crew Cab Short Bed 4X4, Dark Slate Metallic
  1. I’ll tell you what though, these are damn nice trucks; Chevy or GMC, makes no difference either.
  2. Okay so the horn is one strike against GMC. Damn I wish I knew that sooner.
  3. That's it! It's the chrome dipped plastic that makes it Professional Grade. I knew it had to be somthin!!
  4. I actually had my mind set on the Chevy but the GMC front end is what made me change my mind to go the way I did. I agree too that both are equal quality. Maybe a nicer touch with some of the trim but that's minimal at best.
  5. I was joking. Making fun of the commercial.
  6. One is professional grade and the other isn't.
  7. You should be the same as a 5.3 during normal driving but when you get on it is when you'll see less MPG.
  8. Yeah but the deer's rates usually go up since it's usually their fault anyway.
  9. That is CRAZY! Damn dealers sometimes! It's because of things like this that I do my own service. Same with my Harley; I hear horror stories all the time. Glad you got it squared away.
  10. 30 bucks and 10 minutes to do your A pillar handle yourself.
  11. 6.2L

    The 5.3 is sufficient but the 6.2 will perform as expected
  12. They do have ample clearance. Trim the end of the bolt down so that when it's torqued down, the threads barely go above the nut. Use LockTite and you'll never have to worry about it coming loose.
  13. The only reason would be if the nut came loose, the bolt has a chance of staying in. That's why you use locktite. There's no difference in clamping force as to which way you put the bolt through. Just be sure that when you tighten it, there's enough clearance from the axle. You may have to shorten the bolt; it depends on how long the bolts are.
  14. You'll put the bolt in from the bottom and may have to shorten it too.
  15. I had the same problem with one side but I was able to get the spacer in without separating the ball joint. Try raising and lowering the suspension with a jack as you're hitting the knuckle. You might find that sweet spot. That's how I got the one side.

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