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  1. How's everyone liking the new tail lights...
  2. I did the Rough Country 2" front level (just lower spacers) installed myself in about 2 hours and left the rear alone. It has about 3/4" rake now. They say 2 1/2" is max what you should do to prevent premature ball joint damage so I played it a bit safe with the 2". I'm happy with the way it looks and if I go any higher, it'll be with a suspension lift of no more than 4".
  3. Someone mentioned the 6.2 is a "real truck engine" (as compared to the 5.3). Isn't a "real truck" 3/4 ton and over...with a Duramax? This thread has really gone south. Personally, I've always been one to get the most cubic inches that was offered but in a 1/2 ton truck and not towing...not really needed. The 5.3 is fine. Now if I saw a truck like mine on the lot with a 6.2 and without the sunroof, I'd pay the additional 1K for the 6.2 since I didn't really want the sunroof but would I pay the 2K more for the 6.2. Probably not. I drove both too before I drove off the lot. My last new vehicle was a C6Z06. That car is fast but I really think it's more about bragging rights in a truck more than it is anything else.
  4. If the owner was on here, do you really think he’d stand up and identify himself? I certainly wouldn’t.
  5. That saved a trip to the dealer! I wonder if they would have figured it out.
  6. If you want to level your truck, you'll be good with the RC 2" level kit which is just the lower spacer and no top spacer. You'll still have about 1/2" to 1" rake but it'll be easier on your ball joints than a 2 1/2' level kit. You can go to the subforum which you'll see towards the top of the main page called Accessories and Modifications then Leveling Kits. As far as control arms, Aluminum is easy to tell by the color as well as steel and stamped has the two halves welded together.
  7. Rather condescending tone there bud. I think most people know more than you think they do. What you're saying is correct but the dynamics you speak of is rather basic.
  8. It is a good looking color. Dark Slate Metallic changes with different lighting a bit too; Charcoal Metallic to Gunmetal Blue.
  9. I was running 89 all the time until I realized that I wasn't getting Top Tier. I've been going to Costco lately and they don't have 89, just 87 and 92 so now I'm on my 2nd tank of 92. I used to feel surging (like when accelerating on an on ramp) with 87 and 89 but don't feel it at all with 92. I'm sure that the ECM is pulling timing when that happens so I'll probably stay with 92.
  10. Back to the original question of what happens when you activate 4 Auto: In 2WD, your front drive shaft is not turning. The front axles are always turning though as there is no locking/unlocking hubs. Once you engage 4 Auto, the front driveshaft begins turning and the transfer case is then synchronized with the rest of the driveline, however the TC is not engaged unless tire slippage is detected and then the clutch system in the TC begins to engage the front end.

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