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  1. over holidays towing 10K it hit 249F after getting on the highway. I then realized the 4x4 auto was still on engaged from the off road area I left. but 220 up the steep hills 2WD was not uncommon. The 17 6.2 8 speed in tow mode seems to choose the correct gear for the load. And cycles smoothly thru the gears exactly what it was designed for. A lot of the heat comes from unlocked torque converter and cycling clutches lugging a taller gear. If you see high temps climbing hills towing put it in manual and choose a lower gear so the TC remains locked and gear changes are limited. the heat is not good for clutches.
  2. it is shocks/springs... ride height has not so much to do with it. look at a raptor and it looks to be really plush ride even with ride height. If you put more compliant shocks on it will ride better. Performance shocks have more damping to control the mass of the typical monster tires and the higher velocity offroaders slam them into. Put on softer shocks and springs and go offroad and you may bottom them out.
  3. Everybody remembers spinners right? these are just tiny center-cap spinners with magnets and coils inside to generate the power to light the LED's. Like the old spinners if the bearings inside go bad the cap will bugger up. Wonder if they may be yellow due to DOT other colors may be a nono.
  4. Lat week was at the sand dunes for holiday pulling a toyhauler. I left and forgot the 4x4 Auto on, down the highway a bit I noticed the trans temp was high and mileage was worse and enabled the off-road page in OSD where it showed 4x4 mode. I switch Auto OFF but the indicator did not go to 2x4 until i lifted off the cruise control. So either there was some tire slippage hitting the on ramp or the mode would not switch 2x4 till the drivetrain was "Unloaded". I think there is some wear and tear having it on as heat and -mileage was evident.
  5. The TPMS is to warn you a tire is losing air. To make it operate 2+ years on a watch battery there are trade-offs. Although for the price they are I wish there were more accurate.
  6. +1 on alpine products On my old ford I got the 4x100W under the passenger seat and found a scoche PnP harness that tapped the line levels. I did have to run wiring but it sounded fantastic not at all like the cheap PWM chopper amps. The newer tech I'm confident is up to snuff.
  7. I agree it may be battery related due to the cold. Bear in mind that with all the control electronics involved if the voltage is even slightly low the electronics may choose not engage remote start for whatever reason. Low voltage or nominal grounds we all know can cause general weirdness in the electronics.
  8. Not only is the light outstanding but if you have auto high beam it surprises you the first time it comes on :-)
  9. The CAI, Borla exhaust and tune are no brainers. Going bigger on TB/intake not so much as this is a truck it is lower RPM Torque. The TB/Intake would be for higher end HP but you will most likely lose some lower end torque.
  10. Trailer tires are @ high pressure for a reason and truck tires under heavy load are no different. Starting at minimum pressure towing is bad advice as the Risk under-inflation poses is a blowout due to heat buildup. I would start with 40-42 and then check pressure again after towing a bit. This gives you a safety margin to start with and as long as you don't go over 51 maximum there is no issue. Having higher pressure you will also feel the load is less squirmy and more stable. When i replace my OEM 20" with michelins @ max 80 PSI i wont hesitate to put 50+ in them and pull my >10k hitch trailer cross country
  11. ...Are you listening GM??? get with garmin on updates and fix routing and you'll turn this dog into a moneymaker. When I'm really going somewhere the Garmin with lifetime updates and traffic comes out. GM just keep your junk overpriced updates.
  12. I'm still on the stock 275/55R20 tires. I am positive moving to a 275/65 will help soften the ride. The ~2.3" larger diameter will have more sidewall give.
  13. When I replace my GY 20's gonna get the Michelin's in LT295/65R20 size. Tread is .7" wider @ 11.8" and 3.3" taller @ 35.1". I did this on my old F150 16" wheels and they were much more compliant without feeling dangerously loose or mushy. If you don't go that big check the 285/60R20 out.
  14. If you're going to be towing look at the heavier version 275/65R18 with max 80psi and load ~3,415lbs. the 265/65R18 is lighter version can do 44psi and ~2600lbs. Youll probably pick up some mileage as well. Originally from Michigan I crisscrossed the country 5 times on my last set of these tires on 2002 F150 285/75R16. I put over 75K miles on them and they still have tread.
  15. If you want solid dependable mapping the nav system is not what you want to use. Get a garmin with free lifetime maps and traffic. place it on the dash and comparo it to Nav. You may find the nav doesn't route as well as the garmin like i did.

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