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  1. Kudos to you Swathdiver you made a great example. I will add to that with the Why... If your octane is not sufficient there can be engine knock. The ECU responds by removing engine performance till it stops knocking. The knocking does not have to be something you can hear for this to be happening. I found on my 17, 6.2l that he best gas I could get was 91 and scanning while driving using HP Tuners there was still frequent knock just driving down the highway in AZ heat on stock tune. After a good tune no more knocking, mileage has gone up ~1mpg and low rpm torque pulls like a bear. This all relates to tracking your mileage ...if you use lower octane over time, switch to higher octane for a bit. If you get better mileage there is some knock happening ...if no improvement then might as well run 87.
  2. I don't think the seals should be squeaking and any kind of wet lubricant will just attract more grit making the problem worse over time. I used to work for Hutchinson. They did gasketing for Chrysler vehicle lines. The amount of engineering and materials tech that goes into simple door gaskets would amaze you. Squeaking is one of the primary design concerns along with leaking. Make sure the gasket and the mating surface it contacts is clean using warm water and dish soap. It may be squeaking cause it is already contaminated. Of course if you made a monster truck and are twisting the frame a lot rock crawling that is a bit outside of the original design parameters.
  3. I'm afraid with the new aluminum tariff I wont be able to afford to import your wheel. :-) I get your point on the steel wheel, But aren't the aluminum wheels coated with a clear polyurethane? My old Furd F150 had a coating on them and never oxidized on michigans salty winter roads. If people seem short it may be because to afford a pricey truck you must make decent living so your time is money. That time is better spent making money than removing wheel, listing wheel, shipping wheel, finding new wheel etc... Just sayin. I use a plug n go so anything short of a blowout and my spare never gets deployed.
  4. I also have the trifecta tune and I have not lost any MPG 19-20 and ~22 if i really baby it and time the lights. and In Eco mode AFM is off as well. What I have noticed is that in eco mode taking off from a light the lack of power is noticable and you have to mash the gas pedal even more to get it moving about like it was stock. On the highway a good lean tune you should not see much difference in MPG but taking off in traffic too lean a tune you may be getting some knock detection and subsequent timing retard. Throw in additional throttle pedal and maybe that's where the MPG is going. A rich tune is much less likely to knock.
  5. So dirt is stuck to the protection? Doesn't mean its not doing its job so why not leave it alone? I believe the factory coating is wax based sealer. Washing it off to remove the dirt stuck to it seems counterproductive.
  6. I bought the film at my local tint shop to use on specific areas of my motorcycles to protect the paint. Create a template using sheets of newspaper or thin cardboard. Clean the surface well and wet liberally and apply the film. Squeegee out any bubbles from center toward the edges. A cool place in the shade is a must as once the water starts to squeeze out it begins to stick.
  7. Put the jack under the LCA and not on the frame. Been doing it this way as long as I can remember without issue. Of course if the tires are really fat maybe you cant get it out far enough on LCA to lift properly?
  8. I don't have the file you're after ...but if its the mileage you're after get a good tune done with a V4 delete. I gained mileage and have V4 turned off and fully enjoy the beautiful sound of the borla and no flapper valve full time. Please disregard this suggestion if you're an earthy green snob or warranty worrywort. :-)
  9. I think that is the weather channel app and not the nav system.
  10. Advantage+ ...in trying to compare the 3 by reading I didn't see TCM tune as part of stage 1 pkg. Opted for stage 2 with speedo adjust later if needed. I also read somewhere that if later you want to upgrade you just pay the difference. Elite or stage 3 I think is for a heavy modder. Pulled the ~2500lb trailer+SxS last weekend ...more of the same, loads of torque and clean shifting.
  11. UPDATE: I mainly got the Trifecta tune hoping for a bit more torque for towing. First week I was mainly driving to work and would leave it on Eco mode with cruise control ON to see what kind of mileage it was good for. There wasn't a big difference other than super smooth running and +.5 mpg. I have in sport mode with CC off mostly all week and there is noticeably more torque down low. From the moment you press the pedal she starts pulling hard and just picks up more as rpm's rise. I barked the tires a couple of times just messing around taking off from lights. The Trans shifts are still really smooth. Still happy I spent the $$$.
  12. Sound off! Gas Cap!

    At the end of the day I don't think the system is to save $0.78 on a gas cap, It's purpose is to positively seal the tank. There are two flappers that press inward on the filler which means pressure inside the tank will seat/seal them after fill-up to block fumes from escaping. If you want to blame someone blame the soccer mom that doesn't tighten the cap till it clicks, and then gets the dreaded CEL that then gets scanned at the emissions test as polluting the environment and killing sea turtles. GM is only reacting to stupid or lazy humans and creating a device to do for them what they are not doing themselves. As far as law firms i am partial to Dewey, Cheatum and Howe. :-)
  13. During the tune process you can see brief ECM TCM messages in the software. other than that the trans does hold RPM's longer than it used to and shift more purposeful. IMO the tune would go well with larger tires crowd. Driving it a few more days I just had the cruise control OFF yesterday which is sport mode in the tune. To add what i said before low throttle response is smooth as butter and the engine/trans just delivers it with no shudders or vibrations. I dont doubt the trans was tuned it does behave differently. The security system that locks the TCM IMO is a lot like the software locking they had on Blue Ray DVD's or satellite receiver cards. Once the key is compromised a new lock cant easily be re added and it is only a matter of time before more learn that trick. For anyone with the 8 speed issues I would say it is worth a shot. My own opinion as to why the 8 speeds are clunky I have said in other threads. The tune seems to employ the same things I found in HPTuners that helped mine not be clunky ...and the additional benefits are totally worth it to me in time i didn't have to do it myself.
  14. The Harbour freight one has ball bearings on the shaft and piston rod. With the big tires most have on trucks whichever one you choose must be able to run a Long time without overheating or bushings wearing out and instead of a cigarrette lighter connector it has a 20' cord and battery clamps. <$50 with the every day 20% discount.
  15. The 2 days it has been installed the 6.2 engine idles and runs a lot smoother with no earth shattering power increases butt dyno detected. Low throttle openings don't have the notchy surging feeling. The 8 speed shifts hold rpm a bit longer 1800-2200 and are very normal with no clunking ( I didn't really have a lot before). Haven't towed yet but higher shift points should help there also. Overall not a huge difference from engine tweaks I made with HP Tuners before so similar tweaks are in the AFM Disabled tune. Last summer the IAT's were really high and there was some knock retard going on while I was scanning. Hopefully that condition is resolved in this tune. I will do more scanning when time permits and when going on vacation towing a TT. AFE Intake and Borla cat back are the other mods. Overall the pkg makes the truck feel much more refined as it should have off the showroom floor. The difference the intake and exhaust mods made are still there.

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