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  1. Sounds like my MPG's, Im hoping its just the winter gas cause this is terrible. My trip on 2/11 was all highway going 65 and 55, DIC said my averago was 19.2 My lifetime average since owning this truck is 14.4, currently have 4500 miles. Hell my average with my ole 94 is 13.3 and that has a 5.7
  2. Let's get this party started!!

    Green Bay WI here!
  3. Bingo never again will I have a dealer do body work, just a shitty rushed job.
  4. Only gotten flashed 2 or 3 times..not often
  5. Yeah customer service is terrible. I've been hung up on twice within first 15 seconds of conversation. And they leave voicemails with no direct extension so you need to open a new ticket Everytime cause they close yours after they call you. It's a joke.
  6. You need to buy some iron x and clay bar your paint. Its raildust and other contaminates. This is after I washed my truck, I used Iron X then did a FULL Detail, clay bar, compound, polish then a coat of sealant, the pic below show how bad my paint was after washing it. The IRON-X eats the contaminates on the surface of the paint and turns purple. Its awesome stuff. If you have any detailing questions let me know!
  7. Fuelly is what I use, very handy can keep track of maintenance and everything.
  8. Damn that would piss me off. Ofcourse they took your money when it came to buy the truck. Try another dealer?
  9. Same here had to use both hands to turn the truck and I'm not weak by any means lol ,my 16 never had a issue with stiff steering in the winter..weird.
  10. Noise hasn't change, Still just cold starts lasts for about 5 minutes then it's gone until it sits for a few hours. It's pretty loud in videos lol not sure how you can't notice it
  11. Sorry nothing to report, been busy. I opened a case with GM and they said they are aware of the issue and cant do anything else for me and closed my ticket... I am going to try another dealer, the noise is still there everyday.
  12. I use this stuff: https://www.amazon.com/Wolfgang-WG-5500-Gloss-Paint-Sealant/dp/B01AGELUJE/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1513259948&sr=1-1&keywords=wolfgang+sealant Could probably use the jetseal or the highly rated colinite 845 which is much cheaper.

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