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  1. It's exactly the same as before update,I honestly can't tell they did a thing. My brother has a 17 that is extremely bright,I'll compare with his I guess . My 16 could adjust with dial grr
  2. Mine still blinds me, I can see the thing switch to full brightness, or am i just nuts? Heres a video lol
  3. Lol they tried blaming my dashcam, but they unplugged it and ran the update again, wont know until tonight, in reverse are you able to adjust the brightness with the dial?
  4. So little update to this, brought it to another dealer, showed them the video. Picked truck up Friday and it hasnt done the noise since...I was skeptical at first, they replaced the vacuum pump again, I'm wondering if the first dealer even swapped them...or were just lieing. Very happy it hasnt done the noise sat morning or this morning and it was 15ish degrees. Happy camper now. Just need to get the fish bite/chuggle resolved and the full brightness reverse camera fixed.
  5. Quite a snow storm yesterday..
  6. Use enough lube and it will be fine, does not need to be done constantly either, just gets the surface contaminates off the paint.
  7. I did a full paint correction when I got the truck, I then sealed with Wolfgang sealant. There are so many products out there.
  8. Ill be making appointment for this issue hopefully next week, my 2016 never did it, but this 17 is terrible.
  9. 20 bucks for unlimited data doesnt seem terrible to me. Nice for roadtrips since I have a dedicated android auto phone that does my maps/music and dont need to plug my primary phone in constantly.
  10. I had line x on my 2016 and bullet liner on my 2017. The bullet liner is scrapping off extremely easy..granted I bring it to them and they fix it right on the spot,it's disappointing.didnt have a issue with my line x liner.
  11. Favorite brand of battery powered tools?

    Milwaukee for me , alot of battery packs are just 18650 battiers soldered together, nothing fancy. Can easily be rebuilt.

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