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  1. Apparently I need to wait for GM to call with their findings, I am getting real sick of dropping it off and putting my shit into a loaner. Its the 3rd freaking time.
  2. In case anyone cares, dropped it off yet again, apparently a engineer from GM is coming to look at it tomorrow, I'll let you know what they find.
  3. No i havent sounds like its coming driver side of engine, regardless a new vehicle shouldnt make these sounds and dealer said they would call me today, imagine that they didnt.
  4. I have a Carfax login and can run carfaxes...can pm me the vin
  5. Its like 3 threads below this, heres a direct link to video : https://photos.app.goo.gl/dOUP0gr0U328ts3k1
  6. They called and said I can come pick it up, they are waiting on GM to get back to them...
  7. You are fine, I've hauled many tons with my 94 k1500 with 0 issues, wont have a issue with my 2017 i imagine. my dad sells wood pellets you should see some of the vehicles we load 1 ton of pallets on lol. s10's, rangers, mini vans, etc
  8. Update: Dealer replaced vaccuum pump, said it was fixed. Then they called this morning said noise is still there and they are reaching out to GM.
  9. Ordered the Havoc HS2 for my 1500, got sent the HS2 for a 2014-2017 HD 2500-3500 anyone know if they will fit before I unpack them. Realtruck.com sucks, will see how they handle this....
  10. Yea sounds like its skipping --> Video from yesterday morning: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TRUjQvU1JOzA0sEp2 I saw the 1 wire they replaced, should have just did them all right away, they asked me to come in and see if I can hear the noise with them...Lol I go I am not taking off work, its a obvious noise....
  11. Back in the shop same noise , 1300 miles already in shop twice nice..

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