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  1. For sale is a complete set of perforated leather bucket seat covers in Jet Black out of my 2016 Silverado 2500HD LTZ. These came out of my pickup at 7,716 miles and since removal have been laying on the bed in our spare bedroom for the past few months. They are in great shape with no tears and they have the zipper back but should also fit seats with the panel back as the panel would no longer be needed. They include the headrest covers and the rear center fold-down armrest/cupholder assembly. They are perforated which work with the ventilated seat option. If you have any questions please PM me. Price: $700 OBO shipped to the lower 48.
  2. @Texas Daddy, LOL. So you are saying that water has never gotten past the seals and went down the drains from the sunroof frame on your vehicles??? Yes newer vehicles/seals do a better job at keeping water from entering but they ALL have drains because it is normal for water to enter and they are just controlling the leak. I'm not saying that all leaks will flood your floorboard, I am simply stating that water does leak passed the seals as car washes are a very common culprit in this. I am also not saying that all the drains fail but whenever they do fail, it causes a mess. You apparently have been fortunate enough as well to not have a drain become clogged or disconnected, congratulations. If someone wants the option for a panoramic roof or sunroof, fine. I don't care for either for various reasons besides the leaking aspect. All I ask for is if GM does eventually offer a panoramic roof, please don't make the option required in order to get other options or trim levels, like manufactures already do including GM.
  3. I personally believe the old ways of tuning may be coming to an end and you'll have to rely on a "piggy-back" or in-line system which is why Banks is not cracking the L5P ECUs and is working on an in-line system himself. I also believe it will be a while before an in-line system will be on the market but hopefully I am wrong. There is also more pressure in the diesel world from an emissions perspective, particularly due to the bad press diesels receive hence the high-level encryption on the L5Ps. Will the T1s receive this level of encryption? It is highly likely, at least on the diesel's and possibly the gas engines particularly due to the new dynamic fuel management. GM will probably want to ensure the bugs are worked out before thinking about opening up those ECUs. Also, I've heard too many people say if you want a fast vehicle, don't buy a pickup as "that is not their purpose". My response to those people is "what's it to you?" GM may be more lenient on there performance cars but who can really say. Standalone systems on today's vehicles with the heavy electronic systems is not an affordable route if you want to keep all the creature comforts, etc. With the government meddling in areas that I don't believe they should be and putting pressure on manufacturers with all the EPA regulations, etc., I believe this is path we are headed for unfortunately. Never is a long time but I have been amazed with the acceptance of freedoms that people are willing to relinquish due to the perceived safety aspects, the convenience factors or that it's "for the greater good".
  4. I'll send you some later this afternoon when I get back around my pickup.
  5. Let me know when you both have it all finished up. I was impressed with what Viktoorocks15 showed me so far. Would have saved me some money.
  6. First I want to apologize as this post is going to be long and vary form the topic on hand. @WesternMike, there are various online sites to search if you want to purchase online. gmpartsdirect.com, nationalgmparts.com, cheapestgmparts.com, etc. are just a few sites and they are mostly wholesale prices. Also, Classic Chevrolet (where my friend works), their online parts website is nationalgmparts.com. Currently, the price through them for 22894643 is $30.02 USD as prices do change overtime. I wasn't trying to brag about the prices I paid or that you had bad prices, I was just being informative. Like you pointed out, those are in CAD and the prices will be different, everyone should realize that. @rcmike is from the DFW area which is where Classic Chevrolet Grapevine is located and which is where I sourced all of my parts that I did not get from MVI, excluding the headliner though my friend at Classic did get me in touch with the dealer that I purchased the headliner from as they already had the headliner in stock. When purchasing online, you need to be very careful because there are many people who don't know what they are actually selling and assume things will fit all years though it actually fits only a certain year(s). Also, the wholesale parts websites can't keep their sites up-to-date 100% of the time as there are MANY, MANY changes that occur ALL THE TIME with superseded P/N's, etc. This is the case with nationalgmparts.com for P/N 22894643 as it shows the same part for 2015-16 and 2017+. For P/N 22894643, the first image in the screenshot you posted shows the rear inputs for 2017+. That is not the inputs for the 2015 and 2016s and to my knowledge will not work unless you retrofit 2017+ harnesses to work and then there may also be programming issues as the 2015-16 programming does not have an HDMI input in the software. The HDMI input I installed is spliced into the RCA inputs and I access that input by selecting the AUX input. For 2017+, that particular AUX input is now gone being replaced by the rear HDMI input and a second USB input (as pictured). A couple other things regarding the online parts, I have had the occasion where they will cancel my order because they won't charge enough shipping or they want an arm and a leg to ship something rather small. They also don't list every available part either. With the part in question, 22894643, when looking at the film in the parts catalog and you see a box around numerous pieces, it means everything is included that is inside the box with that particular part (#4 in the second picture in the screenshot). They SHOULD all come together though this is not 100% correct which I have experienced first hand but everything was included when I purchased this part and this is correct MOST of the time. I personally don't purchase much parts online, especially when I am "exploring" to modify my vehicle, especially if things are not certain in the film as the dealers will always have the most up-to-date information. If you run into an issue based on a discrepancy according to the film, the dealer has always made it right with me at least, because their resource from the manufacturer was incorrect. Any good dealership should do this in my opinion. 95% of the time, I purchase from my friend there at Classic Chevrolet Grapevine because he has a wealth of knowledge due to his years of experience, not to mention to also give him the sales as he is paid on commission. When you are doing modifications like this to your vehicle, there can be numerous options depending on RPO codes that can affect what you actually need. Someone that has the experience and knowledge that my friend does, can do this easily so you are not getting incorrect parts. For instance, if you have been following the 2018 wireless charging module upgrade/retrofit, there was a new wireless charging mat for 2018. Many people posted that they went to the dealership and the dealer's parts film shows it is the same exact part for 2016-2018, though we all knew this wasn't the case as you could physically see that the mat was different. When I asked my friend about the 2018 charging mat, he said in the details there was a new P/N but it just couldn't be ordered yet. Once he told me the part was available to order (took over a month from when I first asked him about the new part, to when the part was "built" in the system to be ordered), I posted the 2018 P/N in the write-up. With my experience in the automotive industry, one thing that is certain, a knowledgeable parts guy is worth his weight in gold. When you yourself is working on commission and you are delayed because some unknowledgeable parts guy ordered the wrong part and now you can't get that vehicle out, thus not getting paid for the work (I personally won't pre-flag jobs), it will piss you off more than a little if you are like me. This is also true when working on your own vehicle. When you have torn your vehicle down to replace or modify whatever you are working on only to find out you have the wrong part, you have 2 options, put everything back together wasting your time or leave your vehicle in pieces until you can get the correct part. Also, when dealing with certain modifications, you may put things back together just to learn a certain function or feature now doesn't work because you have the wrong harness or missing some circuit. @pgamboa probably understands this first hand better than most due his wiring modifications for all of his mods as he is doing the trial and error for a lot of people. @rcmike, to answer your question regarding the DVD front, you will need a new disc drive as the one you currently have will only play CDs but will need replaced with the CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc drive. The rear DVD screen and other parts you can find bargains for on ebay, but again be careful and buy from a reputable seller. Also, pgamboa and @Viktorrocks15 are both in your area and currently working on this mod as he mentioned above so reach out to them via PM. Like pgamboa said, he was volun-told! They are very knowledgeable and don't hesitate to reach out to people on these forums as that's one of the benefits of these. I don't know all the details they are doing with their install, but once again I will try to answer any questions you may have regarding this and the route I chose. I haven't listed all the detail of what I did and how I did it as it may scare people off from even trying this. However I am more than willing to share my info if you PM me, ask pgamboa and Viktorrocks15. My goal in posting this to let people know there are possibilities out there and more than one way to do it. With my friend at Classic Chevrolet Grapevine, I have done A LOT of business with him over the last 10 years and a lot more than the wife would care for. Not trying to be a D*** but I don't throw his name out, especially on the internet, without his consent. Loyalty goes a long way in life and in the automotive industry. What I would recommend is finding a good parts person/dealership and utilize them as much as possible. If a dealership/parts department wants to earn your business then they will work for it and know they need to be competitive. Since I moved away from the DFW area, I still use my friend in Grapevine due to my history with him and the few local dealers that I now have access to have not impressed me enough to buy from them. Is my friend always the cheapest, no. He has limits on the discounts he can provide and I have to be reasonable as well. His knowledge and time researching things that I have questions on are worth something. It's okay to pay a premium even though everyone wants things as cheap as possible. Rear Console Parts View.bmp
  7. There is a large price range depending on your end goal. If you don't want or need the rear console inputs, then it will be a lot cheaper than any headrest system that I know of, especially since you already have a sunroof. If you wanted to do EXACTLY what I did, you should be around the cost of a headrest system. If you are wanting to do this to your 2016 High Country 3500, it should be similar in cost to what I spent on my 2016 2500 LTZ as the only difference in interior options is the sunroof unless you have the snow plow prep package. With you having a sunroof, it is easier and cheaper as you'll save on the cost of the headliner I purchased which was $698.75 according to my records. The screen mounts directly to the sunroof frame so you won't need the mounting bracket, mounting bolts or retaining nut inserts for the mounting bolts either though those aren't expensive. Depending on your skill level, it's really not a hard install but is a little time consuming compared to a headrest system install, especially if you go my route. In my opinion, this is extremely better than any headrest system especially if you get the unlocked programming for the HMI and go the full route adding the rear inputs to add the HDMI input. With the HDMI input, you can use streaming devices to watch nearly anything and use current gaming consoles. We use it for our PlayStation Vue, Vudu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, PS4 and SNES gaming consoles. It has made road trips more enjoyable, especially the 32 hour round trip we made. The benefit of going this route is the front passenger can also enjoy watching and you don't have a kid(s) with their face(s) plastered to a tablet/phone and can monitor what they are actually watching/doing from the driver's seat. Also, you still have the ability for the front and rear to be using different sources at the same time, i.e. front watching a video but the rear using the headphones to listen to the radio or vice versa if desired. If you didn't want to spend time sourcing parts for the lowest possible prices through ebay and other places, MVI has very competitive prices. Since it looks like you are in the Dallas area, I would try to meet up with Viktorrocks15 or pgamboa since they are also in the area as I have shared info with both (sorry to volunteer you guys). Also, what parts that I did not source from MVI, I sourced from my friend at Classic Chevrolet there in Grapevine. He can save you some money most of the time. The prices on the parts I sourced from my friend at Grapevine are cheaper than what WesternMike posted above. Also, on the rear console trim panel, P/N 22894643 which cost me $29.93, includes the radio controls/inputs and is cheaper than the radio controls/inputs separately (P/N 23249910) or the trim panel without controls (P/N 22816697) which makes no sense as you get more for less money. If you have other questions, feel free to PM me.
  8. You're missing the point. They ALL leak or in other words, allow water in, and the drains allow the water to escape where they want/need it to when working properly. You've been lucky apparently and have never had a drain become clogged enough or become disconnected to where the water then doesn't escape properly, that you've noticed anyway. Newer seals do a better job of keeping water out obviously but they are not 100% water tight, especially when the vehicle is no longer new and has sat outside being subjected to the sun and extreme temperature, both hot and cold. If you lube the seals regularly, they will withstand the deterioration better but again, they are not 100% water tight. If you ever looked in the trays when you had your sunroof open, you would see water residue in the dust/dirt that you will also find there. Most of the time, many people don't realize there is a leak until a heavy rainfall event or a period of regular daily rain over a number of days. The water will usually still drain down the a-pillar, but in the trim panels and not inside the drains, and puddle up in the floor pans. The amount of deadening material on the carpet in vehicles will help cover the water so it still goes unnoticed or not as noticeable. I've worked on too many vehicles of various makes and models with both sunroofs and panoramic roofs to say other wise.
  9. I also recommend MVI. Customer service is top notch.
  10. If gmpartsdirect can't get it, then I'd assume they won't sell it without an exchange, if it is possible. Dealerships can order it but you'll have pay the core charge since you won't have the same cluster to return. It may be on backorder too. It took a few months for me to get mine about a year ago because of backorder.
  11. I have done the same to my Silverado as nominion mentioned above along with the rocker panels and headlights and I also think it's well worth the money as it stands up great protecting very well.
  12. I believe this is an option that is not high on the list for most people. I know quite a few people that hate them in their Ford pickups but for them to get certain trim levels/options, the pickups were very hard to find without this option. I personally don't even like sunroofs and view them as a waste of $1,000. The Panoramic roofs are even more expensive. I don't like them due to the fact that they can break, they're not as structurally sound, they leak and can cause rattles and air leaks/whistles with age. ALL sunroofs leak which is why they have drains. I also live in a very dusty environment and that fine dust that works it's ways into the tight areas can plug the drains overtime as it builds up. Also, I have worked on too many vehicles to count that the floor board has been filled with water due to a drain line becoming disconnected from the sunroof frame. When you have to gut the interior of the vehicle to pull the carpet out in order to dry it out completely, there are other things I would rather do.
  13. I know, it's crazy! That's why I purchased it from my parts guy at Classic in Grapevine. He's helped me a ton over the years, especially when I lived in the DFW area and he still gives me wholesale due to working at dealerships. It's usually cheaper for me to buy from him and have the stuff shipped to Kansas than it is for me to purchase from the local GM dealers or online and have it shipped. You may try nationalgmparts.com as that's Classic's online parts department.

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