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  1. options and reasons for a gun

    Oregon is an open carry State. There are some rules though. You cant carry open in the city of Portland unless you actually have a CHL. Personally I think (and many agree with me) if you open carry anywhere, you're an idiot and asking for trouble. Don't be that guy who thinks that open carry is a deterrent.
  2. options and reasons for a gun

    Thats great to know. I honestly thought you were trying to be one of those ignorant idiots who conceal because they think its their 2A right. Glad there was clarity. I also hope constitutional carry goes national.
  3. options and reasons for a gun

    Thats the law man. 2A allows people to buy and own guns. No where in the 2A does it say to conceal. Thats up to each additional state. Trust me, cops will arrest you and your firearm privileges can be revoked for being ignorant (carrying without the permit because you think the 2A is your permit). I have my own state CHL and my UTAH one. It still only allows 32 states though. The 2A doesnt allow me to legally conceal in California. Its up to the states for conceal carry.
  4. options and reasons for a gun

    The 2nd amendment does only apply for your home. It allows you to own guns. Many people do not understand that it DOESN'T allow you to legally conceal. Ive seen idiots with shirts like "the 2A is my right to carry". They're idiots and if they are concealing without the proper permit, they're breaking the law. Ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to carrying. Its your responsibility to research the laws.
  5. options and reasons for a gun

    This doesnt mean you can conceal carry though. They cannot say you cant have a gun (unless you're a felon) and they cant tell you how many you can have as well. What they CAN do is each state can say if you can conceal carry or not. If you think the 2A is your right to carry, then youre an ignorant moron and deserve the legal action taken against you.
  6. Concealed Carry Permit Tests

    Actually i am correct. In my state, gun free means nothing and no legal action can be taken against me. You cannot carry into a bank either or post office. What would i know though, my wife is an attorney and my best friend is a state tactics and firearms instructor.
  7. You wouldn't catch me dead in the fiat. Ford anytime over fiat.
  8. Truck buyers want reliability and power. Doesnt mean a v8.
  9. What do you carry for your CCW?

    So glad someone kinda compared these two (sorta). Been looking at the sigs. What makes the sig so nice compared to glock?
  10. options and reasons for a gun

    We are not talking about the M1 and its use of clips. We are talking about you calling a magazine fed firearm a clip fed. Looks like you might need to go through the military again and learn the proper way to talk about guns.
  11. options and reasons for a gun

    We all know when you say clip, you mean magazine. So call it what it is. I do know there such a thing as clips. During my time in service, it was always called a mag as well when referring to a hand gun and m4/m16.
  12. options and reasons for a gun

    Its a mag when inserted into the firearm such as a handgun. Clips are not a mag so dont refer to them as one and vice versa. I live in a safer area too, but i still carry every day. I refuse to allow some thug scum try to pull a knife, or bat, or hell even a gun on myself or my wife. I wont be a victim if that rare possibility every were to happen.
  13. options and reasons for a gun

    Ah, makes sense then! I saw you were in the marines and a lot of those answers were very counterpart answers of what a marine would say. Now it all makes sense.
  14. options and reasons for a gun

    Your first sentence is wrong. Self defense is literally one of the biggest reasons to own a firearm. Also its called a magazine, not a damn clip.
  15. Are you an ASC certified mechanic?

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