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  1. so is this the right part number for driver side A pillar? 23135699
  2. Following...after hitting a deer I need a new one anyway and I'm interested to see some of the options people have gone with
  3. OK, apparently I am not good with the search feature so be gentle answering a question that I know has been answered 100X. 2017 High Country, stock 20" rims, current 275/55r20, Rough Country 2.5" front/1" back level What size tire should I be looking for to fill 'er up a little?
  4. GM ones have served me well and dealer threw them in. In our jeep we use Rugged Ridge and like them a lot...worth a look.
  5. its funny to think back about Saturday. I saw him come up out of the ditch on the opposite of the road, i tapped brakes to kill cruise and just then he darted. Instinct and voice in my head said just go through him, don't swerve. I had brakes on but not locked and hit him. After pulling over 75yds or so and getting out of truck I looked at damage and went back to see where he was. Had I swerved I would have without a doubt either been upside down or in a tree. Like everyone else said, it sucks to have killed the deer, and the truck has a little damage but the two 13 year old boys in back seat were 100% unharmed and I'll take that any day.
  6. agree that it could have been WAY worse. I've known of and seen a lot worse!! Yes, it looks like insurance is just going to offer me a check minus deductible. Ran around a little today and found a few good options that should be manageable choices. Didn't know it but biggest problem might be finding an aftermarket with parking sensors. Go figure.
  7. Hit a deer Saturday traveling home from a baseball tourney. Considering the alternative all was good, just took a little damage to bumper, grill, headlight, etc. So, here is the question; back to stock or replace with aftermarket? 2017 High Country with RC 2.5" level, stock wheels & tires for time being. I like a lot of the off-road bumpers and I had been considering a Bull Bar with LED so this could help solve that. Just not sure it would look right with just a level kit and stock wheels.
  8. Have this in Truck and wife's Jeep. system works great, keeps it pretty secure and accessible. I have a 5" USB cord plugged in and cut down on clutter. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/scosche-magicmount-power-universal-vehicle-mount-black/9701241.p?skuId=9701241
  9. ^Truth! my wife Jeep is terrible. I've been behind people at light and turn them off and back on just to make sure they are on! my '17 on the other hand...incredible. I was getting to a point that my eyes were making it difficult to drive at night, not any more at all.
  10. I've never used a commercial available tuner (and never heard a bad thing about them) but I thought a good custom tune at 2x $ a cheaper version from a "custom tuner" was a waste of money once. burnt out transmission due to poor shift point programming proved me wrong. to each their own

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