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  1. Let me know how the Falkens fit if you go that route. I've settled on Falken AT3s and Methods but torn between P285/70R17 (33x11.5) on 0 offset Methods or trying to cram those 305/65R18 on either -12 or +18 Methods. The P rated 17's would be way cheaper/more practical (and 16 pounds lighter) for me but I know I'd be happier with the 305's. Want real world feedback though!
  2. That looks awesome. Any rubbing? What offset are those wheels? I have a 2016 Midnight and have no idea what to do: Waffle daily between Bilsteins and 33's vs Fox 2.0's and 33's vs BDS/Zone 6"/6.5" and 35's Love the look of 35's but ride quality is the #1 priority (I'm coming from a Raptor and am forever ruined) and I want it to still fit in my garage which makes me lean towards the first two options.
  3. Looks great! I still have no idea what to do. One day it's Fox 2.0's/17" Methods/33's and the next it's a BDS 6" with coilovers/20's/35's. All over the place.
  4. I know zero about body lifts. I reallllllllly want to run the C rated Raptor 315/70R17 KO2's, as they are cheap, light and I don't need an E tire as I don't tow/haul anything with great frequency that would require them. I'm planning on coilovers to lift/level and greatly improve ride quality. From what I've read, coilovers, proper backspacing and even hefty trimming will not be enough to run these undersized 35's. I don't want to go with a full 4-6" suspension lift so I'm considering coilovers and new UCAs plus a 1.5" body lift. Will a body lift defeat the purpose of going for coilovers to improve ride? I care more about ride/performance than I do looks. Just wondering what, if any, the negatives are of a 1.5" body lift.
  5. Gotcha. I'm torn between going with 2.0's and keeping my stock UCAs (probably all I really need) or jumping up to the Fox 2.5/King 2.5's and new UCAs (probably a tad overkill but I know I'll be happier).
  6. To be fair, my truck is 100% stock currently and I get flashed several times per week by people who think my high beams are on. I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a good amount of satisfaction by letting them see what the brights really do look like.
  7. Congrats! Did you go 2.0 or 2.5? Either way, let us know how you like them. I'm leaning 2.5's but not totally ruling out the 2.0's. Will be doing new UCAs regardless so may as well do 2.5's and get a beefier shock and a bit more travel.
  8. Any updates? This is the exact same setup/situation I'm considering. I'd really like to run 315/70R17 KO2's (34.4x12.7).
  9. I'm going to be adding coilovers/UCAs (roughly 2" front lift/level) and wondered if adding a 1.5" body lift with minor trimming would allow me to clear 35's. Have 0 experience with body lifts. Are there any negatives to a small body lift in my case?
  10. You guys are killing me haha. I was looking at crazy mid travel kits initially and then talked myself back down to Earth in that, realistically, those would be way overkill and I care more about daily driving than I do relatively mild off roading a few times a year. So I was just going to slap Fox 2.0's on there and call it a day but then started reading more about Icon and thinking that was the way to go and now I have a buddy saying consider a CST setup and also reconsidering Kings haha. I legit have no idea what to do. All I know is a hate the Ranchos and need to do something.
  11. I figured as much but thought I'd check. Ordered the fronts for now and will probably get the rear down the road. Right now my dogs are the only ones that ride in the back seat and I have an awesome seat cover enclosure thing back there.
  12. I have the Du-Ha underseat storage box. Any idea how that would fit with the Husky rear liners (both types)?

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