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  1. Instructions are to put the gasket at the very edge then push the cover up against it. As for the fins they will not all touch the tailgate, they do not need to. When listening to people who have issues with their cover it seems they do not follow the directions completely. Dont overthink it, just follow directions
  2. No not a GM part. Various companies make them. Google "tailgate gasket seal"
  3. there is a gasket set that covers the gaps in the tailgate, personally that very small amount of water doesnt bother me
  4. Thanks for the tips guys. I personally dont care for the perforated look. Just wanted to make sure I was making the right choice
  5. If the front seal isnt completly cover and overlapped by the cover you didnt put the seal in the proper place. Mine is covered by a good amount Instructions say to put the seal at the very back edge of the bed
  6. Thinking real serious about getting Katzkin leather seats. Whats every ones opinion on Perforated leather? Does it wear as well? I prefer the looks of solid leather but would think the perforated would be cooler. Is it and does it hold up as well? Thanks guys
  7. They also stay shut in cold temps at start up to warm engine faster
  8. Not so much breaking in but adaptive learning
  9. My 2017 5.3 felt rather doggish also until I got some miles on it but not any longer
  10. they are working properly then,depending on the temperature. Dont know what the temp range is but when temps are cold shutters will be shut when you go to start it and open as temp increases I havent had any problems yet with snow and ice build up keeping them from working
  11. You will never "feel" the small gains from a performance exhaust. If you want something quiet you may as well stay with stock exhaust

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