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  1. love it, so far (knock on wood) truck has been flawless
  2. My first car in High School was a 71 Cyclone
  3. a professional installer would steam the wrinkles out. All leathers seats have wrinkles untIl they go out on their own in the heat or they are steamed out
  4. Hurt my feelings, it would take more than you to do that I guess maybe you had to high expectations for the swingbox. Yes a steel box mounted inside the cab is going to be more secure/safe than any metal or ABS plastic box mounted in the bed Mines under a locked tonneau cover so I dont even lock the box. If someone wants to break inside a toolbox bad enough they will do it no matter what its made of . Both types of storage boxes have their place depending on what you want to store
  5. Your underseat box is very nice but there seems to be alot of others who like the swing box, myself included.
  6. I do they same but I cant beleive how many times have I come out only to find a vehicle parked right beside me !!!
  7. So what did you think it was made of? Its actually well made of heavy ABS high impact plastic , I never once thought it was cheap. I do agree on the high cost but you have to pay to play
  8. i see pictures of valves with a catch can and they are clean but never a picture of valves without a can with truck with same mileage. If these are really needed I cant believe a vendor hasnt done a side to side test, one truck with a can , another without and posted the results after so many miles. Maybe there is a reason they havent ???
  9. The "Catch Can" Explained

    ]Does sea foam actually do anything to the DI engines?
  10. Just noticed I had a IHeart Radio app on My Link, must have downloaded on its own and I didnt notice it? I havent really had a chance to mess with it much ,anyone use it? I have $10 a month 1GB WIFI and wondered how much data it uses? Thanks guys
  11. What ya gonna do when your Furd starts shakin?
  12. looks like a spray on liner to me
  13. . If you dont have a tonneau bed cover then I suppose a small amount of water may get under the liner but the bed drains . I wouldnt be concerned
  14. yes you cut the drop in bedliner with utility knife for the mounting bracket, not a big deal

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