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  1. I replaced the encoder motor on the t-case and the issue is fixed. Got one out of the bone yard for $80.
  2. 2003 Sierra 1500 Z71. I'm having an issue getting the truck to shift out of 4wd. It will shift from 2H to 4H every time, not issues at all. However, it will not shift from 4H to 2H. The 2H light will flash and I can hear some clicks under the truck but it goes back to 4H. HOWEVER, if I go from 4H to 4Auto that works and then I can go to 2H. Works every time. What is likely the issue here? Encoder motor? Appreciate any help!
  3. This is also an issue on my 2003. I noticed it quite some time ago and thought it was odd. I always keep it in mind when stopping with people behind me.
  4. Code 2135 is Throttle/Pedal Pos Sensor/Switch A / B Voltage Correlation So sounds like they replace the TPS based on this code.

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