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  1. Thanks Daryl. We are located in central PA about an hour north of Harrisburg. What shocks do you have on your Z71?
  2. Hello all. I just got done reading through all these posts on the 6.2 and decided to join so this is my first post! I purchased my 2011 Sierra Crew Cab 4x4 used and can't tell you how much we like it. I previously owned a 93 Silverado 1500 Ext. Cab 4x4 and a 98 Silverado 1500 Ext. Cab (3rd door) 4x4 but traded the 98 on this GMC as the kids got too big for the extended cab. The truck has 93K on it but runs like a champ and was taken pretty good care of. The ride is a little stiffer than the 98 but I understand I have the NHT towing performance package which probably is the reason. Has anyone replaced shocks/struts on these vehicles? I couldn't find anything in this forum but I am researching shocks and was hoping for some suggestions. I believe this truck has the OE shocks/struts and I am looking for an improved ride. We have potholes and rough secondary roads here in PA and the truck seems to take a pounding. I do not tow anything but a small trailer with a ton of coal in it on occasion and wondered if I could get away from buying the OE AC Delco shocks and get something to cushion the ride a bit? I see Monroe, KYB, Billstein, Rancho etc but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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