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  1. Still no sunburst orange metallic.
  2. Have to correct myself. I have the VP. Very clean look i prefered as no visible seams. Has to be opened to close tailgate.
  3. Would help to know what you use the bed for. Mine is light duty used more of as a trunk. I do haul but no construction material or anything. Full bed rug. Couldnt be happier.
  4. I have the g2. Only complaint is it needs opening to close tailgate but it looks great as it sits flush and has no seams. Does not seem to leak much at all when i wash it. Easy install and seems well made.
  5. Former avalanche owner (2008), I love the look and factory functionality but would miss the midgate.
  6. FS: CK156 20" replicas with Good-year SRAs

    I am still in if you head to el paso anytime soon. Or even close so i can meet you.
  7. Advice buying..

    The used aspect does not bother me but I suspect 35k can be negotiated a bit with current new offers out there. Also, are you good with moving from CC to DC? If you have kids the DC will get old really fast, especially if they are a bit older. Otherwise if it is what you want and a price you are good with then buy it. In addition I think the dealer can pull the service history (done at the dealer anyhow) for you. Verify it has not been a dealer queen or anything.
  8. Price paid?

    For a guy who had to ask about the cost of oil changes on a truck he has not purchased, how best to use a fre 2k incentive he does not qualify for until his truck arrives, etc you actually sound like a real tool going on and on with a guy on the interwebs over a non-consequential topic. Can we keep it to price paid and stay away from the measuring contest?
  9. You are not crazy. My tank is not as big as my 08 AVY. I cannot get over 400 miles on a tank despite averaging 20 MPG and mostly highway driving. When I fill up from the gas light being on I get about 20 gallons into the tank. I have not looked in the manual or anything and just assumed the decreased capacity was related to fuel economy. It is frustrating as I didn't even consider asking about it when I bought it and only found out after I filled up for the first time.
  10. Unmarried Diablo intune i1000 $225

  11. Unmarried Diablo intune i1000 $225

    Open to offers. $225 obo. Includes shipping.
  12. Was mid January. I was approved through usaa for 1.75% at 60 months. Finance guy asked if i would use his bank if he could match or beat. He matched it at capital one. not my favorite bank but was easier than using my own financing i guess.
  13. You might keep looking. Similar score here and i landed 1.75% through capital one and usaa. I did put 7k down which may have affected my rate. Take the rebate and refi elsewhere. Unless you have a personal relationship with the dealer i wouldnt worry about the commision. They certainly are not selling you a truck at a loss.
  14. FS: CK156 20" replicas with Good-year SRAs

    Come near El Paso much?
  15. Used a heat gun when doing it. What do you mean by post heating? Essentially what I did - Cut approximate size, removed backing, applied with 'thumb' pressure, heat with gun and pushed out all wrinkles, cut the edges, used vinyl tool to push down edges. Did the cutting and pushing all with the heatgun. Tough to say if I used enough heat, maybe it just needed more or if I used too much. Certainly with a few more tries I would get it and I have plenty of vinyl but it was starting to get a bit windy.

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