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  1. 20+ years ago I'm on my way home on a early Sunday morning in San Diego. Up ahead of me some distance I can see smoke coming from a truck on the side of the road. I also can see a young man come running up over the embankment with a fast food joint cup and he splashes the engine bay and back down the embankment he goes as I'm pulling over in front of him. I jumped out with me fire extinguisher and as he pops back up over the embankment huffing and puffing and splashes it again I asked if he needed the fire extinguisher. He said " I think I got it". Wrong it flared again. He looked at his cup and that embankment again and said "hit it". Apparently he had made that trip about a dozen times scooping water out of a puddle. I'm glad I had my extinguisher and I never want to have to rely on a cup and puddle of water.
  2. Either way I applaud your skills and sense of adventure.
  3. Some good info here http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/179610-led-strip-above-running-boards/
  4. The different groves in the shock body is what gives you the lift, hence "ride height adjustable". The fronts are the only ones adjustable. The rear 5100's are designed to accommodate 1" lift. If you cane change your own oil you can replace the rears. An extra set of hands are handy to compress the shock while installing the bottom bolt, but not required. http://www.mrtmotorsports.net forum sponsors and good pricing.
  5. The rear blocks came with the rough country 2.5 level /lift that I removed to install the Bilstein up front. The rear block goes on top of the rear leaf springs. It will replace the stock blocks. Just Google rear lift blocks. Rough country for one sells them.
  6. Couple of options. 1. Leave it stock and just switch out the shocks for better ones. Bilstein 4600 are a good replacement shock for stock height. 2. Bilstein 5100 set at lowest or 1 notch up. 3. Bilstein 5100's set at max with a 1" block in the rear. This option will give you minimum rake. Option 3 is what I have.
  7. The rear bilstein 5100's are not adjustable, just lengthened to accommodate up to 1"over. So only your front end will be higher based on which setting you use. If you go 1.5-2" over in the front you will want to also raise the rear to gain back some rake. You could also just set the Bilstein's at the stock setting on still have the factory rake.
  8. The Bilstein 4600's aren't. As for the 5100's being mounted upside down, not once has anyone said to me "hey your shocks are upside down". Bilstein even says they'll work either way.
  9. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/168860-bilstein-shocks-thread/page-66 Post #985.
  10. Yes, max setting, and same amount of lift. 38.5" from ground to fender lip. Much better, more predictable ride.
  11. 2.5 RC level/lift stock 275/55R20 on XD wheels. Bilstein 5100's with same tire wheel combo.

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