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  1. I would bet they say that to make $$. Its a easy job. If you read some of the posts youll see some brand new trucks have this exact issue. Id rather do it myself than the unknown if the replacement will do the same thing. A bead of silicone around it before reinstalling is peace of mind. You remove the screws from the oh sh*t handle Remove the screw from the sun visor Buy yourself some trim tools and pull the headliner down around the driver side. Youll be able to pull the headliner down far enough to reach the antenna screw. Unbolt it and clean the roof and existing seal with some rubbing alcohol. Put a bead of silicone around and reinstall. Ryan
  2. Ya there are countless threads on here about this very issue. Drop the headliner clean the seal and apply silicone. Tighten it up and your good to go. 30-45 min tops.
  3. Anyone have a left over jump seat harness? Want to get some of the wiring done ahead of time.
  4. There are a few videos on dropping the headliner but the screws that hold the sun visor up as well as the "oh sh*t" handle on the side you want to drop. Gave me easy access to the headliner
  5. It's pretty straight forward to drop the headliner. You don't have to remove it but just remove the bolts towards the front and pry it down. I had to do this not too long ago when my Sirius xm antenna was leaking.
  6. I picked up a console from a guy on ebay but realized he was local (North New Jersey). I just spoke to him and he had 2 left (black) with the silver trim. Complete consoles. Pm me and I'll give you his phone number. He is asking $350+shipping. They are takeoffs from new trucks.
  7. Just picked up a complete center console for 325. Looking forward to installing it. Thanks for all the helpful posts/information.
  8. W/o = Without Charger. Depending on the year/model some console lids have built in wireless chargers. I can tell from your photo you do not have a built in charger so order "W/O charger".
  9. I just did this last weekend. Had a small leak. - Pulled the headliner down. - Removed the antenna - cleaned under the antenna seal with goo gone/rubbing alcohol - Applied RV silicone and tightened the bolt. - reinstalled the headliner. Took 30 min and now have piece of mind.
  10. Excellent! Thanks. Will look for a wiring diagram to determine which wire is which.
  11. Looking for the xm module location on my 2014 LTZ. Specifically where the xm antenna plugs into the module. I have a external sirus head unit that I paid for a lifetime subscriptions years ago. I would like to use the external unit and leverage the stock antenna. There are a ton of videos on how to do this but all show a 2013 which has the module behind the glove box. Is that where the module is for the 2014? I should mention I have the 8 inch my link screen with xm installed. Just would like to use my xm head unit with the aux. Thanks!
  12. Long shot I know but looking for white diamond tricoat handles and mirror caps for my 2014 LTZ If not I'll go the painted route. Thanks
  13. Thanks! Threw a few more shots in there.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Here are my factory 22s in chrome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. If only you were closer to NJ! Just what I was looking for! Glwts Bump for a great deal.

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