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  1. Wasn't the spark plug. Something about the converter I think. I'll find out on Thursday
  2. I brought it in this morning to be checked out. We will see this afternoon. I'm pretty sure it's a spark plug too
  3. Also do you know what "wire" falls off? And where I can find it?
  4. I used 0W-20 valvoline. I can't remeber the filter brand but I got the $8.46 one I believe. It was one that was recommeded on autozones computer for my truck.
  5. 100k mile warranty for what?? I've brought it in before and the warranty was 36,000 miles they said.
  6. That's just it. Is there anyway to actually tell you what it's for? In the manual it just says check the gas cap or bring it to a dealer for a report
  7. Ok I am having the exact same problem as you and made a topic it about TODAY. My truck idles rough like you said with the engine light flashing and the oil gauage dropping. How much did it cost to repair?
  8. So my dad and I put new oil in my 2014 silverado 5.3 L V8 yesterday and all was good. Today I ran somewhere real quick came back, then turned on my truck again. It ran for 20 sec then the oil pressure gauge dropped and the car shaked and shut off. We played around with it by giving it gas and such and it evwentually worked. Later today, I started it and the same thing happened with the oil gauage and the car shaking but now the engine light came on and then started flashing. To clarify yes the oil cap is on and yes I reset the oil life back to 100% Thanks for any input!!!
  9. I was thinking about adding a borla exhaust. Are you satisfied? To those wondering. I have gotten nothing BUT performance increase from my K&N cold air intake. I've gained about two more miles to the gallon, and like others say there's nothing like the growl at 2500 Rpms. I can also definetly feel that it has more pep in its step.
  10. I didn't get mine yet. I messed up when "quoting" you or something. Half way through is what I added.
  11. $1600! I don't think I could ever pay that! That's a big chunk of cash. I'll probably have to get them for Christmas.

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