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  1. Displaying it yes - accurately no.................. GM feel good factor - good enough info for the average driver - Why don't they give the Duramax some kind of display when the diesel particulate filter cleaning is active - the whole reason I got the engine monitor.................
  2. The Dash-Hawk engine monitor displays what the OEM sensors are telling it - but your Blue-Driver will read accurately too - as compared to the glorified "idiot light" the factory H2-0 gage is...........
  3. Right below in bright red............
  4. See link in my sig.......
  5. Exactly - My NHT is rated at 4,300 GVWR at the rear axle. The OEM Good-for-a-year are rated 2,403 each @ 44 psi.......... Do the math - they make the grade. I scaled my truck too - it scales 2,500 over the rear unloaded - which is 99.9% of the time for me. And I don't find the OEM tires bad at all - approaching 8,000 miles and it's tough to even slip around in the rain with this rig - the stability control certainly the main factor there........
  6. Kinda like the leaky roof in a warehouse above the sprinkler system. They keep fixing the sprinkler system but it keeps "leaking"....... Gotta find the true source.... And if any of all y-all ever used a dial indicator - you would know the finish just being a little rough on the diameter of that flange would give those readings on such a precise instrument as a dial indicator. And you should know that surface has NOTHING to do with the wheel mounting surfaces - assuming you have ever worked on a vehicle yourself..........
  7. What do you mean deleting on the Duramax? No reason to delete the emissions. I had a 2007.5 Duramax - first year of the DPF and no problems - towed those weights and never knew they were back there - never dreamed of using an equalizer hitch. Now my 2017 6.2L NHT is a little hot rod compared to the Duramax - much more fun to drive when empty which is 99.9% of the time. So I really never "needed" the Duramax and really don't miss it. But with a 1500 you most def you will need an equalizer hitch with the 8,000# trailer's tongue weight of around 800 pounds. Without it my NHT does porpoise over bridge embuttments etc.....
  8. Or put the resonator back on - I put on the "quietest" Flowmaster - (see link in my sig) - removed flapper and muffler in one piece - left resonator - V-4 hardly noticeable unless you know what to listen for..... Wife and most passengers - even car-guys don't notice the faint sound difference when in V-4 - took me a while to hear it - and still can't always tell when in V-4 or V-8..........
  9. The outside temperature display sticking is a common problem thru 3 generations of GM trucks now. It is programmed to always instantly show a lower temp but not to show a raised temp unless a number of parameters are met, as the engineers don't want the display to show a raised temp just because of underhood engine heat. Press the recirc and A/C buttons at the same time, and the temp display will instantly update, and as a result, your auto HVAC system will work much better.
  10. That much tongue weight requires a weight distributing hitch - even for my NHT - so even less weight on the rear tires.
  11. Check out the lastest tech - Michelin Premier - have 'em - love 'em: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Michelin&tireModel=Premier+LTX&tab=Sizes https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Michelin&tireModel=Premier+A%2FS&affiliate=GF3
  12. That video does not show anything - a dial indicator on the flange - needs to be on the axle shaft itself.....
  13. Might leave off the crash avoidance package - kinda annoying - but love the Intellibeam headlamps that come with it......
  14. 2018 sierra 1500 CLICK HERE 4WD SLT Red Quartz Tintcoat Jet Black, Perforated leather-appointed front seat trim $58,130 Net Price

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