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  1. Which ones mine or the other ones? I’m sure you mean the others. The vinyl shines good but it’s not as clear on the truck as it is on the sheet. How to they stick on is the back solid adhesive or a bunch of different pieces?
  2. It’s not awful but I would like it to shine more.
  3. Are the pillars any different on 14-15s than 16-17s because I would actually buy a set and replace the vinyl because it doesn’t seem to shine as well as that
  4. No block at all. The front set about an inch lower after leveling it so I pulled the block to lower the rear. Here is a pic from about a week ago. It’s not as nose high as it looks or you might think
  5. The bottom one is with it remote started so brake lights are even brighter. Reverse lights really aren’t the brightest anymore even with leds. I’ve seen some brighter leds I may try because backing up at night is not the most fun thing to do
  6. No I removed them. Had to adjust my headlights too I got flashed constantly. Cops flashed me just as much as everyone else. I used some pre cut carbon fiber 3m I got from someone on Etsy for my front emblem and that made it really easy. Should look good I’ve thought about doing my roof also.
  7. I wanted gloss because I thought it would flow better but it’s whatever you would like best. It’s the rough country 2 inch with the factory blocks out of the rear. It’s not much higher at all. Some pictures it looks lower and some higher.
  8. Well after waiting nearly 3 weeks for my vinyl to arrive from metro restyling it came in yesterday so I gave it a try. I found people to do it but decided I wanted to try it myself and if it didn’t work out I could take it to someone. Didn’t turn out to bad for my first time just don’t have the best weather to take good pics of it. Gloss black shines good until its compared to tinted windows. I’m happy with it so far especially since I can take it off if I decide too.
  9. That’s exactly what I want to do I just haven’t really had time lately. Might try it tomorrow
  10. I’ve been wanting to get my 17 6.2L tuned for a while now but the only thing that’s kept me from it is the fact the tcm has to be sent off to be unlocked. So I’m thinking about purchasing a tcm to send off so that I won’t be out of a truck while they’re waiting to get it back. Can anyone point me in the direction of a tcm for my truck? I found a couple on eBay but I’m not 100% sure they're the right ones. It also says without CALN in the description. What does that mean? Part number for one or anything like that would be awesome.
  11. When I took the emblem off of my tailgate I used an eraser wheel. First time I used one and burnt the paint and had to have the tailgate repainted. Same color as yours and believe me it’s ugly burnt. A ton of people love them but I had a bad experience my first time so I use a heat gun and my finger. Takes a lot longer but still works. Took my all terrain badges off a couple weeks ago in 20 minutes like that. You’ll need to use a correcting polish to remove the “ghosting” from where it was
  12. My tracking worked the first day. Says it’s pending acceptance on the 5th but also says accepted at the top. It has not moved at all since that day. I used the chat on their website the other day while I was at work and asked why I paid for 2-5 shipping when it’s been much more and they ended the chat. Safe to say I won’t be doing business with them again
  13. Ships from Sterling Heights Mi and that’s as far as it has got. I’ll be calling tomorrow for a 3rd time to see if I can get a refund. I don’t want them to try to ship it again because I’m not dealing with this twice. There’s no reason why it should take this long
  14. So on the 5th of this month I ordered some 3m vinyl from metro restyling to wrap my b pillars. Got tracking the same day but have yet to have it update other than saying it’s pending acceptance. Metro told me that it has to be in transit but USPS tracking usually does not update until it’s delivered. I’ve had so many thing shipped to me USPS and have never once had something take this long to arrive let alone not update at all once it was accepted. Has anyone else ordered from them and had this happen?
  15. Yea. It only took me 5 minutes but I used a small snap on gun

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