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  1. Do anyone know if a tonneau cover from a 2014 f150 6.5' box will fit a 2015 sierra 6.5' box
  2. Hello guys, i have a 2015 sierra all terrain double cab and im going to install either a 2" or 2.5" rough country levelling kit with the 285/60r20 duratracs i have purchaced on the stock at rims. I am fine with going with the 2" level but wondering if the 2.5" provides any more clearance to prevent rubbing. Im thinking the 2" level will run the tires fine but want to see what peoples opinions are, thanks
  3. Any rubbing? I have the 285/60r20 duratracs for my stock 20s to go with a 2" level thinking it shouldnt rub from what others say
  4. Ok i guess i will just go with the 2.5 kit since it is a bigger lift, i was told the only difference is that the 2.5 adds an inch to the rear but will just go with the bigger lift anyway
  5. Ok so you get the extra .5" up front and an extra 1" in back?
  6. What is everyones opinion on a 2" or 2.5" rough country levelling kit for my 2015 sierra all terrain double cab, i have the 20" at wheels and have 285/60duratracs to put on it. I know that the only difference is that the 2.5" kit replaces the rear blocks with an extra inch but which would make my truck sit the nicest. I like a slight bit of rake but not much but dont know what the best option is
  7. Hello guys, Ready to order a leveling kit for my truck and wondering if i should go with the 2" or 2.5" leveling kit from rough country, my truck is the 2015 all terrain double cab factory 20s and just picked up a set of 285/60 duratracs to put on them. what are some opinions on which level to go with, i initially just wanted the 2" for the front but wondering if many people prefer the 2.5 for the extra inch in back
  8. Anyone ever run 285/60r20 duratracs on a 2015 sierra at with a 2" level? Got the tires on the way getting the dealer to install the level soon debating if wheel spacers will be necessary for rubbing issues without it
  9. Hello guys, I have a 2015 sierra at double cab with factory 20s just purchased a set of 285/60r20 duratracs going to install a 2" levelling kit wondering if I should look into wheel spacers to get a bit more aggressive look since the stock wheels are +27 offset. Also any opinions what kind of spacer if so? Have no experience with them at all so please share opinions
  10. Any rubbing? That's a 34" tire right? Thanks!.. it has a 2 inch rc level and 275/65/20 GY Duratracs.... (driveway is sloped down in the front)
  11. nice looking truck, what size tire you running? also is this leveled?
  12. Yeah i really like the stock wheel which is why i have the debate, just worried about the rub. I think i will keep the stock wheels and just try and find a good tire that wont rub much
  13. What kind of tire do you have? I was leaning towards maybe a duratrac 285/60r20 with the hopes it wouldn't rub
  14. ​Hello guys, Looking for some advice/opinions on what I should do. I have a 2015 Sierra AT double cab with 20" AT wheels and I am going to do the 2" level. I am debating on keeping the stock 20s and get a 33" all terrain or mud tire in a 285 or 295 width or just get new rims with more of a offset to prevent rubbing issues with the bigger tires. I get a lot of mixed reviews on peoples bigger tires rubbing with a level and just want to know the best options.
  15. just throwing out a question for everyone also, whats everyones picks between the ​​​bfg at and duratracs?

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