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  1. My truck is in the shop for a p050D code which has now turned into a possible bad head or replacement of the whole engine. Truck has 20K mile on it, 2015 SLT Z71. They put me in a Buick Lacrosse lol
  2. Bumping a very old topic. It seems I may be having this same issue. Dealer is talking about replacing the head or the engine. Truck has 20K miles on it. What a shame. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. So update. No misfiring of the fuel injectors was noted. They placed fluorescent dye in my coolant. I drove it for a few days, same code popped back up. I brought it back in like they wanted. I just got a phone call, they are getting ready to remove the cylinder head. They mentioned possibly replacing the engine depending on what they find.
  4. Hello all, I have a 2015 5.3L Sierra Z71 CC. It has 20K miles, was boutght in January as a CPO, so Bumper to Bumper warranty is till good. I had a P050D pop up a few days ago. I reset it, it came back. Went to the dealer, they kept it overnight in order to do a cold start the next day. My understanding is that the P050D (Cold Start, rough Idle) is normally a fuel injector issue. That is not what they decided at the dealership. Apparently they are checking for internal coolant leaks. But the coolant level was not low lol. They put some fluorescent dye in the coolant and instructed me to drive it for a few days. The same code came back today (2 days later) and I am bringing it in tomorrow. What do you guys think the issue could be? What would cause them to go looking for an internal leak? The Service Manual for a P050D does not even have them go that route (at least from what I can find online). Additionally, I recently installed a BL (Zone 1.5"). Stupid questions, but I want to make sure.....There is nothing I could have done to cause this right? The BL went on 2 weeks ago, got the code the first time 4 days ago lol.
  5. Added the zone 1.5" BL to my 2" RC level this weekend. Was a pain in the A, but got her done! Took me about 12 hours all alone.
  6. 20X12 Hostile Exile with 295/55r20 Ridge Grapplers. RC 2" Level and Zone 1.5" Body Lift. Rubs at just about full lock after trimming plastic. Just need to trim some carpet liner and should be good to go.
  7. RC 2" Level and Zone 1.5" BL added this week.
  8. Random Pics

    Random pics to post to threads
  9. Beautiful truck! Absolutely love it! Those are some big meats!
  10. This is a common question, and I am in the same boat. Some will say it will rub, some will say it will not. W/ a 10" wide wheel and a -24 offset, on 33's you will most likely rub on the plastic piece of the fender trim. All depends on what type of tire too....M/T, A/T? I honestly do not have a solid answer as I am still researching all of this as well. customwheeloffset.com also has a gallery where you can look at all kinds of set ups and whether or not they rub. Take it with a grain of salt though because I personally feel people lie on there a lot. But, this thread and forum have been very truthful and real when it comes to this. Go ahead in this thread, at the top right and search for "20X10" within this thread. You will see some questions/answers in regards to what you are looking for. Let us know what you decide to go with.
  11. If anyone out there is running a 20X12 on a level, I know some of you are.......... Would you mind uploading some detailed pics of where they rub, if they rub, and how much trimming you did and where? I would greatly appreciate it. I have been researching like hell and some say it works with no trimming, some say minor trimming, and some say no way in hell it works. I understand some trimming will most likely be needed, but I am trying to figure out what and how much. I do not really want to trim any metal if I do not have too. I have a 2015 CCSB Sierra Z71 SLT. Thank you for your assistance.

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