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  1. That looks great, but for me, I'm in and out of my bed like 50 times a day. I'd be scared to mess up some nice Ridgid lights. Those shots of the output from the inside are sweet, nice illumination.
  2. What's all the white stuff on the ground? Nice tires, looked at them when I was shopping.
  3. Wow, thanks for the replys. I've got everything wired up with a relay, going straight off the battery to my switch I put in the cash, so I have to turn it on and off every time. Looking for a way to have them come on and go off with the headlights, leaving the installed switch in the on position. I have a 2016 regular cab work truck, no fogs, put in the wiring harnesses, switch, relay that I had.
  4. Running 325 65 18 BFG ko regulars on my 2016 GMC 2500, cranked bars, shock extensions, no rubbing, I take the 1000 lbs 4 wheeler in the bed, into the sand tails flexing and with weight in the back, still no rubbing. That a short 35 x 13.50, only measures 34.25 inches mounted on the truck, though. I am running an aftermarket wheel, 18x9 with +18 offset, like 5.7 inches of backspacing, so that helps. The 305 70 18 is narrower, and just a touch taller, if he wants it, he can do it, will need to massage the fenders and bumper, my Backstop front bumper helps here also...
  5. That's going to look great. Obviously you're a painter by trade? If not, wow. Good job, wish I could paint and do body work, have always spun the wrenches.
  6. I've been running Bilstein 5160's, like them a lot. Smooth and controlled.
  7. Excellent, using it as intended.
  8. Good deal fjtort2, Nitto has lots of truck tires here lately, a lot of people seem to like their Ridge Grappler, hope you get that 40K miles out of them. Don't see why not, they have a nice tight tread pattern. Good looking truck,
  9. Ebay, they wanted and enormous shipping fee, which I avoided by picking them up. Auto Max I think it was.
  10. I'd like to, but I'm unwilling to store my pictures in some else's computer to post in here. My truck looks great, about 2.5 inch of lift in front, nothing on the rear. Bilstein 5160 resets up front, PSI fender flares, tires tuck nicely in the flares.
  11. Seems a shame that these super expensive diesels are so emissions choked off. Yeah they make great power, but diesels used to be reliable for ever, slow, but rock solid. Now they have made them strong, but seemingly, nothing but problems, all in fueling and emissions equipment. Just an observation.

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