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  1. gmt-400. he claims it is a 99. I don't know. Might be a 98 or 97. That's why I used this subforum. Im just going to take a screwdriver and start taking the durn thing apart. There has to be something Im missing when looking at it, because there appears to be a screw that was impossible to install. Or the little cubby under the lid has a seem that I cant see. Doesn't sound like many people have ever replaced these things, or it is very straight forward. I cant find anything on it. I'll have to take some pictures to show later. That one screw has me puzzled.
  2. Anyone ever replaced one of these? My father-in-law's 99 needs the latch replaced (well the handle part). I have the part, but looking to see if anyone has replaced one. I assume you just take the outer edge screws off and then swap parts. But before I go to his house and start tearing it apart, Id like to know if there are any tips or tricks out there.
  3. Finished it up yesterday. For anyone that has to do this in the future, here are a couple things I ran into. Use a ratchet strap on both ends of the tank as a cradle. They help you to prevent the tank from dropping too far all at once. That really helped me since I was doing this on the ground by myself. Unhook the filler neck hoses from the tank side. The hoses break loose from the plastic tank easier then the steel tubing. Put some tape or something over the filler neck on the gas tank. If you have 1/2 tank of gas like I did, you will lose some out of it. Drop the rear of the tank first and disconnect the lines from the sending unit. Disconnect the sending unit wiring too. Then slide the tank back and drop the front. Then unhook the front of the lines. Install in reverse order Take all of the old plastic clips and 0-rings off of the steel lines If the rear tank strap bolt doesn't act like it wants to loosen, the nut may have broke loose. It just has a clip on it to keep it from spinning which is easy to rust off. A short 15 mm wrench can be used without removing the tire. Go in from the wheel well. If I were to do this again, I would remove the driveshaft. That will give you more room to get 2 hands on top of the tank and let you see what you are doing. All in all it probably took me a total of 3 hours to do it all. That's working on the ground and being by myself. Not terrible, but not easy either. If GM had put the front connection points about 6 inches forward, it would have been an easier job. Dorman replacement lines are ok. Went on easy. Made in China of course. Hard to find stuff that aint though.
  4. Anybody replaced these lines recently? We were very fortunate this past weekend. We were on a 2 hour trip, but made it home. Near the end I noticed we had used more fuel then normal. Then as we turned around in the driveway we could smell fuel and see a leak on the driveway. Turns out it is the return line spraying right at the metal to plastic quick connect. I have the filler hoses off, I have the emission box on the front loosened up, and I have the front strap off. Durn rear strap's nut is spinning. Hopefully I can get something on the backside of it. Ordered the Dorman replacement lines. Hopefully they will last the next 5 years. Going to attempt this evening to get the rear strap off and lower the tank enough to get to the lines. Any tips or tricks?
  5. Im running the Corsa DB. I love it. I think it is just right, but put a trailer behind it and get on a hill and she starts growling pretty good. Normal driving it aint bad at all.
  6. How are vehicle inspections performed in your area? If they require hooking a computer and checking for MIL, you will be best off buying a good quality converter. It will last you longer. If they only require a visual, about any converter should be fine, just do some research first. Some replacements have been prone to blowing out, which could clog up a muffler. As far as muffler, youtube is a great source to find a muffler you like the sound of. Just my .02
  7. I just done the typical mail tune. They sent me a tuned ECM, I sent them back mine as a core. No issues at all.
  8. I just had a mail order tune from black bear performance on my 04 2500HD 6.0. No difference in mpg that I noticed, but how and when the transmission shifts is definitely better. That alone was worth it. Id do it again.
  9. Go to rockauto, buy a set of AC Delco Platinum plugs and a set of wires. Spend about $40 (maybe 60, I don't remember). Replace them yourself in about 30 minutes. All you need is a spark plug socket, 3/8 ratchet, and a short extension.
  10. Use a straight edge to make sure the manifold isn't warped. I agree on the basic felpro gaskets. Then proper sequence of tightening the bolts.
  11. Go to youtube and find what you think sounds best. Then get what you like. Flowmaster really isn't that expensive depending on what you are comparing too. But don't buy based on name, go for the sound you like. For most people the slight performance differences aren't going to be noticeable. But the sound that YOU like is what you will live with.
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  13. What do you carry for your CCW?

    Taurus 709 slim. Wife carries an S&W M&P Shield 9mm.
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    Figured I could make one of these as well. Ive been around forums for several years. Thirdgen.org, V8s10.org, fullsizechevy.com, dirtracefans.com, the old s10v8.com, etc. Username came from high school back when we are all young and dumb. Growing up in the sticks we made our own entertainment. We had what became known as the "redneck games". oil drum rodeo, snipe hunting, go carts, demo derby cars, rolling in skidder tires, etc. Ive used the name on several forums. Back in 2015 we bought our first "newer" vehicle right after having our 2nd kid. Its a 2004 suburban. Had fairly low miles and fit what I was looking for. Plan on keeping it another 5 years or so. Last year I bought a 2004 2500HD. I loved the trucks ever since they came out and always wanted an HD. I couldn't justify the extra initial costs and maintenance of a diesel so I settled for the 6.0. Love it. I plan on keeping this one for the long run. Since both of my vehicles are older, Im starting to work through a couple little issues. Im no stranger to mechanic work, but forums are always a good place to learn things. Figured it was time to start posting here. I race some weekends on a little 4/10 dirt circle track in the pure stock division. In the fall I hunt deer, the spring I hunt turkeys. In the middle I like to either race, go watch a race, or go fish. That pretty much sums it all up.

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