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  1. Well I just put in an order for several gaskets and such. Just need to take time and fix it one weekend. I'll keep this updated to see what happens.
  2. Shew. I feel for ya. Hope mine doesn't turn out to be.
  3. They are a little damp, but not like this. But since this is a truck I plan on keeping for a long time, I am going to go ahead and change them. You can see a spot on the oil pan where it looks like the gasket is pushed out some and oil coming from it. If I park on a grade with the passenger side up, it wont leak. So that's what Im doing for now. On a side note, looking at my truck, It looks like I could change the valve cover gaskets in less than an hour. I just helped my cousin on his 04 F150 pull the front engine cover so he could replace the timing chains. It took 3 of us 2 hours to just get the valve covers off!
  4. Because as of right now, that's where it appears to be leaking. Main spot is rear corner on passenger side. Only leaks after it sits. Doesn't while running. It also leaks more if you park it with the passenger side downhill. This past Saturday we cleaned everything up and let it run a bit. Right after I shut it off I climbed under it. After a minute or two oil started coming from that corner and running down the pan. There is a spot that looks like the gasket has pushed out some. We checked the bolts and they were very tight. My assumption right now is that when it was previously replaced they over tightened it. Just an assumption though. If it was rear main seal I would expect it to be leaking more while running and more toward the inspection cover. Could be wrong though, been wrong before. Thanks for the reassurance. I have it already in my cart on rockauto. That's good to know. I haven't seen much information on it. I've seen some information on 4x4 1500s, but not for a 2500. Could be very different that's for sure. I also seen where you can just drop the passenger side of the differential and not have to remove the front driveshaft or driver's side of the unit. Again, not sure.
  5. Heard the front sway bar needs to come down. Might as well replace the bushings and end-links for it. Guess I'll learn the rest as I go. Thanks for the help.
  6. Right now I had planned on the FelPro replacement gasket. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=447485&cc=1424113&jsn=251 Trans cooler lines were replaced 2 years ago. Still look good. Does the oil cooler lines bolt to the pan or to the block? Last I looked they looked ok, but I will look again. Should I replace the O-ring on the oil pickup tube? Ive read where people have had issues with it in the past.
  7. Will be changing the oil pan gasket on my 04 2500HD 4x4 in the next couple of months. I have limited experience with the Gen3 motors. What other gaskets and such should I replace while I have the pan off? Thanks
  8. Any links to the new style replacement shaft?
  9. Thanks. Hopefully I can look into it more this weekend.
  10. What do you race

    4/10 dirt oval. Pure stock class. Fairly cheap class to run and a ton of fun.
  11. But would a bad audio control cause everything to remain energized when key is turned off and doors opened? Right now you can have the car off, put that rr/wpr fuse in and the main radio will turn on. With that fuse out, everything works like it should, radio and shift indicator lights go off as they should when you open the door.
  12. Yes it is a factory dvd unit. Everything worked just fine for almost 3 years of me owning it. Then one day, poof, the rear HVAC/Audio control stopped working. I find the blown fuse, rear audio/HVAC control works again, but this issue begins.. Havent had a lot of time to do much diagnosing on it yet. No aftermarket accessories that I know of. Well, it does have a basic bulldog remote start unit installed. Which is one thing I thought about disconnecting to see if it made any difference. Just haven't got around to doing it. We haven't used the remote start in probably over a year.
  13. Seems like previous owner must have done something to this thing that is now starting to show up. Determined that the RR/WPR fuse is definitely part of the problem circuit. Odd thing is that it is listed as "Window Wiper Module Rear", yet with that fuse pulled, the rear wiper still works! Yesterday I started the suburban (Fuse pulled), turned the radio up, rolled the window down, then shut it off. Radio continues to play until I open the door. Door opens and radio/accessories die just like its supposed to. I stick the fuse in and the radio/accessories come back on. Open the door, they stay on. Pull Fuse, open door, they shut off. This one may be fun.
  14. For the price Ive always liked the KYB
  15. I have both Coverking and Seat Cover Unlimited on my truck. they are more of the neoprene type though. Both had a great fit. I kept watching ebay and got some good deals on both new.

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