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  1. Might make a difference what winch. I like the idea of a battery on the trailer. I bought the wife a Warn winch that’s driven by a cordless drill, rated at 500 lbs. I think it would pull a mower on the trailer, possibly a car if it wasn’t up hill, but doesn’t sound like it would work for your needs.
  2. In the 90’s you could push the parking brake just a tiny bit, the truck figured you were parked and turned them off. Not sure what that did on the dash board. If that still works you could deal with the switch. when I turn the headlights from automatic to off, does that disable the DRL,s?
  3. I ran across a remote Control spotlight, it was on the top of the garbage and I’m a proud dumpster diver anyway, not sure what went wrong but I’m thinking I can mount it to the spare or the hitch, then get a plug and feed it from the trailer plug. It’s a 65 watt headlight bulb. Is that too much for what ever turns that bulb on?
  4. That makes sense, I was wondering. Probably doesn’t help much, drivers are so self centered, I’m sure you can tell some stories.
  5. What I was looking at has 4-6 wires, I didn’t try it yet, got a little squeamish, this weekend could be a good time to find out.
  6. I was showing that my initial idea was Range, but had developed into unplugging the wire from the brake booster, so this thread is helping me choose. I don’t and wouldn’t expect any one to read every word of every thread, so I’m fine with his silly comment and yours is cute also. Have a great day.
  7. Do you have offset rims? That changes the leverage from what it’s designed for. Lift kits can wreak havoc. Getting alignment where there not familiar with lifts can be a negative. I did the lift kits years ago, grew out of that, but I understand the want, just know they’ll be consequences.
  8. How do you Rhinoline the carpet on the front fenders? if you undercoat the rear fenders and frame will get along much better, price maybe the same or less.
  9. Thanks for the criticism, initially I’m interested in people’s opinions and experience with the Range, now the thread is leaning toward a free bypass method such as disconnecting the wire to the brake booster. If you have no help then I suggest you find a different thread.
  10. Is there a picture posted of what the plug looks like and it’s location ?
  11. Did I read where disconnecting a wire on the brake booster would keep it in V8? Did I also read where the electric vacuum pump can fail and create havoc? would disconnecting that wire solve both problems without bad side effects elsewhere?

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