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  1. Reese trailer brake dash installation

    wonder what GM gets for the oe components
  2. Ls 6.0 starter failing?

    Are starters disposable? Serviceable? Can’t the brushes be replaced? Bearings? Etc.....
  3. Chevy has a heavy duty horn
  4. 2017 custom 2wd 5.3 ext cab Reg bed 20 wheels. Smoothest truck Ive ever bought.
  5. I’m under the impression oil flow to half of the lifters is cut off, so the lifters collapse instead of moving the valve, the cam still turns but the lifters collapse over a thousand times a minute without oil flow. Hard to believe that is a good idea. Someone please tell me I’m wrong.
  6. I don’t mind people riding with me, but they have the right to walk rather than complain.
  7. I don’t like asking the ac to cool the cab right away, it’s easily well over 100 degrees. While walking towards the truck I press and hold unlock on the remote, all 4 windows roll down, that’s my preferred method, and my favorite feature.
  8. I get the same, in the 8 months I’ve had the 2017 the radio has been an issue several times, it’s great when it works.
  9. 60 degrees out, start, adjust seatbelt, plug in phone, trying to use as little pedal as possible to get up the slight grade, even on the flat when I hit the street. 5-10 mph
  10. 2017 5.3 8,000 miles, when I cold start the last couple mornings, I slightly add a touch of throttle to get up the driveway. The idle seems like it's bouncing around a little. I know some talks about the accelerator backing plate needing reinforcing
  11. It's not that the gutters tuck in the weather strip and cause auto reverse, it's wanting 1/2" down without typing morse code on the buttons.
  12. I have those plastic gutters, like to put the windows down about an inch, but the auto on the up and down of all four Windows makes it a chore. Seems the liability of the auto up would make that not an option going up. Is there any way to turn this madness off? Are people really that busy that they can't hold the button for the 5 seconds it take to move the window all the way? I do enjoy the full down with the remote.
  13. Worked great the first month, now the wife's IPhone as well as mine won't connect through two different cables, the Bluetooth won't connect while I'm sitting in the driveway, then once in motion I get the "not while in motion" warning. What an extreme disappointment. Am I the only one since December 15?
  14. What year truck you have? My auto play worked for the first month, it was great while it lasted. Waiting for my first oil change so they can blame both mine and the wife's phones.

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