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  1. Auto 4WD works, Fulltime 4WD doesn't

    Manual suggests against it if there is no need for the 4WD.
  2. Price paid?

    I've seen other dealers do it in CA. While there are laws in CA about false advertising, I believe they get around it by saying, "oops, we made an error." Basically bait and switch tactics they know they cannot be held accountable for if they play the dumb dumd role. I'm sure there are honest mistakes out there, but I'm also certain dealers are taking advantage of things.
  3. Do You Wait For The Oil Change Reminder In Your GM?

    Oh I get it. I read that line differently the first time, like to get on the gas while driving. Which does not make sense given the rest of what was being said. Sometimes I think, without thinking. With that said, I have a friend with a '13 or '14 Ford 150 where he gets on the gas hard once a month to clear of the injectors or something like that. He read it was a fix for getting things un-fouled. I know we're not running Ford motors, but any ideas that getting on the gas hard with our trucks could have positive results for our motor injection system. You know, with the exception of it feeling good to us driving.
  4. Do You Wait For The Oil Change Reminder In Your GM?

    What does this mean?
  5. Not to mention when you pay with a card and you put do more than 20% of card spending limit, it reflects negatively on your credit report.
  6. Yes Krusty, I know we're not going to get 20s city with our beasts, but one can always wish we could. I let my fingers do the hard work on tonneau answers. I think a lot of people buy tonneaus for looks and locking stuff up which is fine. Neither of which are my goal when considering a tonneau. Given the pricing of these things and zero mpg gain, no thank you. Now if they added a couple mpg per gallon, then the cost of the product might be worth it, but only in a very long run as the cost would take many, many, many tanks of a fuel mpg increase to strike out the tonneau cost. Tonneau companies claim less drag between 5 to 10% mpg gain, yet tests seem to show tonneau tops do squat for mpg improvements, no gain. Example, http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2013/08/pickup-truck-tailgates-and-fuel-economy/index.htm http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/g475/15-favorite-mythbusters-car-myths/?
  7. I'm curious as to the real world mpg difference between having a bed tonneau cover and and not having one. My vehicle: 2017 GMC Sierra 1500, SLT, Crew Cab, 6.2l, V8, short box, max trailering package and a 26 galllon gas tank. As for my mileage, I'm getting 15 to 16 with city/hwy mix (no tonneau cover, camper shell, load or trailer). I did get 23.01mpg doing the math and 24.3mpg per the DIC, with the first 491.7 miles which were all highway. (Check out my avatar for the proof) This was done in one trip, varying speed for motor break in and keeping it below 70 and on one gas tank run. 23mpg was okay, but sure do wish I could get close to that around town and not 6 to 7mph less. I like that I got 500 miles on a tank on the long open road, but around town it's closer to hi 300s per tank. The only issue I have with my truck functionally is the cornball antics of the first few gears. Sometimes it shifts like butter up or down with 1st and 2nd. Other times it acts goofy with minor clunkiness in those same gears. Having driven a work truck 2006 Chevy diesel 2500 and reading forums, I knew this could be something I might have to deal with. The goofy shifting can definitely be negated with precision throttle application, but it's definitely in my mind a computer anomaly and not a failing part. I experienced much worse computer/transmission issues with the work truck which were also random. Fortunately my truck does not do the weird, press on the throttle and all you get is a hi loud revving motor with no excelleration, as you very slowly roll in to traffic scambling to get power back to accelerate away from scary and a potentially tragic crappy ending moment.
  8. Price paid?

    It really depends on how picky (what options and color) you want and how much of a discount you want to find. In the end however, I have found S.D. to be a market that is not the best deal. I'm sure there are deals, but not like other places. You can find trucks on the lot with 10k off, but again, you need to be on it. I cannot remember if any of the local dealers have an option to get price updates via email. But even if they did, gauranteed there are plenty of other people proactively looking for that good deal. A couple reasons why it's hard to find a good price might be, S.D. is expensive and the vehicle pricing only matches how expensive it is to live here. Another reason are high volume dealers or a lack thereof. The high volume get bigger/more frequent select model discounts, etc. For example Laura GMC in Ohio, turns out hundreds of vehicles a month and gets GM kick backs for it. I would have bought from Laura, but they didn't have any CA emissions trucks. It's not tonsay non-big volume dealers don't have deals. Good luck and it sounds like you'll be buying a Ford or Dodge.
  9. Price paid?

    I shopped Sierras and not Silverados, and I can tell you that all of the dealers from Chula Vista to Temecula would not budge below $500 under invoice, with the exception of one dealer who said he would do $1000 below invoice. I found this the same with dealer all around Los angeles and out to Bakersfield and around those areas. All I can recommend is either buy a truck with the discount tags (assuming you are not picky on color and features), or build the truck on Chevy's website and then tell the chat rep what you are looking for in your zip. They'll give 1 truck close to you (that could be 20 miles or 2000 miles.)Ask for the dealer name and VIN. Then have them tell you two more truck ViNs and locations. Tell them you don't want to give them your email for them to give to the dealer so they can contact you. This way you won't be bkthered by the dealer or manufacturer and you can look on the dealer(s) websites for pricing deals. I did this search many, many times over months and months. Nothing ever popped up close to me, but I was also looking for a unicorn in these parts. Arizona, Oregon and some other states (West and East) follow CA emissons, but don't buy unless you seen the CA sticker under the hood. I gave the chat rep a zip code knowing they could do a search surrounding that area by 500 miles (they can actually open the search to the nation) ex. A zip code from Portland, OR or Pheonix, AZ, or Stockton, CA. Keep in mind the chat reps are merely marketing and know nothing about the vehicles....nothing. After many attempts over a long period two unicorns finally appeared, one in Tucson, AZ or nearby and another just north of Oakland, CA. Basically the last two out of the manufacturer Mexico building. Long story longer, buy locally and take their gouging, or shop smart and find a deal thousands below any San Diego dealer. With that said, you might still find a good deal in S.D., but you need to work to find it or get lucky.
  10. Price paid?

    CA civil code 11713.1 (e) goes over advertised prices and Section 260.04 of the DMV goes over mandated advertised pricing. In the end, the game comes down to an honest and obvious mistakes or a Bait and Switch ploy. Most people won't go to court and some dealers will settle with you ir in arbitation or tell you to hit the road. I've been told by a dealer that many dealers are having an issue with advertised pricing mistakes and this dealer said twice a month. But in the same breath said, he (dealer manager) inputs the numbers himself. If dealers are having double dip rebate posting and the rebates have different names, they are inputting numbers themself, sounds like they are at fault for false advertising. Example: Msrp before offer $50,705 Dealer discount $3,000 Factory rebate $1,000 Net cost $46,705 Select model purchase cash $5,692 Factory reduction below msrp $3,861 Price after all offers $37,197 total value $13,553 Dealer is stating the dealer discount and factory rebate of $4000 was the double dip and the discount should only be the Select Model and Factory Reduction of $9553. So not $13,553 off, but $9553 off.
  11. Price paid?

    Had a dealer who stated the same with wrong advertised pricing. Per what I read dealers must abide by advertised prices and not sell at a higher price even if the buyer did not see the asvertised lower price. They're trying to play it was a double dip incentive mistake. Anyone have knowledge or experience with California dealers playing the advertisement game?
  12. Yes, it is difficult to see the oil with the color of the stick and especially on a gray sky day. I drained mine some today and got it down to the top of the crosshatch. It was close to a 1/2 litre over filled. That's a pretty good amount, although I have no idea how much was in the motor before I did the drain. So I won't know if it was over 8 quarts or not.
  13. Hmm, manual reads to check cold and should not be above cross hatch, but It also talks about if you cannot do it cold, wait 15 minutes and then check. That is how I've always checked my vehicles. Now transmission fluid, that's a different method.Anyway, my question was to see if the dipstick is misleading, looks like it isn't and the dealer overfilled. Wouldn't that be cool if the system had a "too full" electronic indicator like the "too low" indicator.
  14. I put this in the Mobil 1 annual oil thread, but I though I might specifically ask the 6.2l club. My new Sierra 6.2 shows oil far above the top of the dip stick hatch marking. Dealer screw up or dip stick not accurate?
  15. Mobil 1 annual oil

    So who checked their new truck oil dip stick level and found the oil level way past the hatched marks for full? Is the dip wrong or did the dealer over fill? 6.2l V8

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