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  1. Building 5.3 Ecotec3??

    Gonna have to dig a little dealer than that. There are quite a few aftermarket parts for these motors. Best bet is to look at the c7 Vette forums these and the 6.2 are prettysimilar.
  2. Is there any where showing where to cut the tails with a Dremel or knife. Just doesn't seem like they would go back together well being cut with a dremel. I've been baking headlights for years and can paint the housings I just need to get the tails apart.
  3. I have seen a few trucks with clear tails that have the housings painted to match. Now I know these are aftermarket tails but how are they getting these things open to paint them. Talked to one place and they want 600 bucks and that doesn't count price of the lights.
  4. Those are the 295 coopers Oops that didn't work
  5. Really not sure how toost pictures in here. I had the nittos and they wore me it and I went to Coopers in the same size. They are actually off the truck now I've got some 22x12 fuel forged on it right now.
  6. One thing I love about the tundras is the whole back window rolls down. Idk why they are the only ones that do that.
  7. Vacuum pump delete

    My though on it is why would these motors pull much different then say a last gen 5.3. I wouldn't say the direct injection would have a whole lot of effect. They still have the same displacement. Did the last gen trucks have a vacuum pump for 4cyl mode or how did they get around it? I may be totally wrong but it still should be similar at the intake.
  8. I've though about one of the super strong rubber coated magnets and double sided tap.
  9. Vacuum pump delete

    Haven't had time to test any of this yet. Anyone know what the booster requires to have good brakes or a ballpark? Haven't had time to test any of this yet. Anyone know what the booster requires to have good brakes or a ballpark?
  10. Vacuum pump delete

    Yea I plan to make me up a vacuum line and clamp it into the intake and see if I still have power brakes. Found an article in ls1 tech where guys are putting these motor in older camaros and stuff and using a purge valve on the intake to pull vacuum. While i prob won't be able to use that valve because my system still uses it that tells me there is eoungh vacuum made to run the brakes. Anyone know of another intake( lt1 or the like) that may have a vacuum port in it? Wouldn't mind swapping intakes to make it clean.
  11. Vacuum pump delete

    I'm still going to be running vacuum into the brake booster just from the intake instead of the pump.
  12. Vacuum pump delete

    That's a though I would just really like to get away from a vacuum pump all together. Like I said I'm running in v8 100% of the time now so I should make plenty of vacuum at the intake. The less I have in the engine bay the more room I'll have for whatever forces induction route I go with. Prob gonna be a procharger.
  13. Vacuum pump delete

    Also I plan on diving into this no matter what I'm just brainstorming while I don't have any time to work on it. Working 15 hour days 7 days a week right now.
  14. Vacuum pump delete

    The dealer not covering a motor isn't really the reason I'm doing it. It's the fact it's a weak link in the system that needs to be eliminated. I plan on doing extensive work to this motor and don't want a freakin vacuum pump if all things to take it out. Now back to the task at hand. The vacuum issue should be solved by my tuning and tuning out any code that would be thrown when it's unplugged shouldn't be an issue. My main question is where would y'all pull the vacuum from in the intake manifold for the brake booster?
  15. Vacuum pump delete

    To be completely honest I wasn't asking for some of the opinions I was asking if it had been done. Regardless if you think it's stupid or not wasn't the question. Now back to what I said previously. These engines do not make enough vacuum when in 4cyl mode mine has been tuned out. I'm in v8 all the time so should make plenty from them intake. I just haven't found a good place to pull the vacuum and was wondering if someone had already found somewhere.

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