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  1. I did the same setup as you but with catless y pipe. It was super loud and had a annoying rasp to it. I ended up taking the Corsa muffler out and put a Flowmaster pro series in it's place and kept the rest of the Corsa system in place. It quieted it down a little and has a much deeper sound to it. It still has a little rasp but it's much better than before. I think it sounds great now. It's still pretty loud but not as loud as before.
  2. Can't really help on the questions but I just bought my wife a 2015 Yukon SLT and loves it so far. We've had it for about a week so some time will tell on some things. We traded a 2011 Cadillac SRX for it. I drive a 2014 Silverado High Country with the 6.2 and 130k miles and runs great. I was really wanting to buy a Tahoe with the 6.2 but it was a little out of our budget for now. The Tahoe your looking at looks nice and is priced good in my opinion. Deals in Wyoming like that are hard to come by. They all want MSRP maybe talk them down a grand on new. My wife feels a lot safer driving the Yukon compared to the SRX. We have our first kid due in a week and it's a nice piece of mind knowing they will be in something safe and she's comfortable driving. Keep us updated! Seems like this portion of the fourm has died compared to the K2 Silverado Sierra one.
  3. Very nice! I plan on doing the same stall in my 2014 with the 6.2. then doing a cam and heads package from Texas Speed to go along with it. Just have to work some more overtime hahaha
  4. I've done some looking on the first 5 pages of this fourm for things to look for before I purchase. I'm looking at a 2015 Yukon SLT with 72k miles. I've drove it a little but the roads were pure ice (Gotta love Wyoming) This will be my first GM suv. I have a 2014 Silverado High Country and absolutely love it. I've always been a GM guy and finally found a decent priced Yukon. Just looking for some input from some other owners on what to look for/ ask.
  5. It's pretty easy if you have aftermarket headers and y pipe haha. I'm a firm believer that if it has a filter you should change it. Regardless if it is a sealed system or not. There is also a magnet in the bottom that collects metal shavings. Everyone has there own opinions and ways of doing things. At the end of the day it is your pickup and how you service it is your choice.
  6. So the dipstick goes into the pan, therefore dropping the pan is going to get the same amount if not a little more than sucking it out. Plus you can change the internal filter by dropping the pan. I'm curious on how you would get 3-4 more quarts by sucking it out? Where is the extra fluid coming from?
  7. From the pictures it doesn't look bad to me. Obviously someone either painted it or coated it. I think over time all pickups will do this. Mine started to in spots where the coating fell off, and I used some Scotch Brite to buff the area and used some enamel paint. If it's a good deal I'd say go for it. Or ask the people that took the pictures if it's paint or a coating of some kind. As I mentioned my 2014 was from Canada and the cluster is the same as the one your looking at. The spedo goes to 200. In the DIC you can switch between KMH and MPH. So you should have no problems with accuracy.
  8. Price for DL3 chrome mirrors

    Might be interested depending on condition and price shipping to WY 82718.
  9. I currently have 125k miles on my 14 High Country, and not a single issue with the "leather" on the seats, console, or steering wheel. I've had previous Chevy, Dodge, and Ford pickups that had issues with the seats. I would say this generation of pickups are better than the previous.
  10. I bought my 14 High Country used from a local dealer that buys from auctions. Found the original window sticker in the glove box, and it was from Canada. I test drove it a couple times and did the usual look around/underneath. I have no regrets on buying and have had zero issues. Plus it was priced WAY below any nada/bluebook.
  11. If your thinking about changing out cats, why not do headers also?
  12. I too used customoffsets.com when deciding wheel and tire packages. Awesome site, that helped me find what offset, and tire size I could run without running or trimming. I always believe you get what you pay for. Toyo tires are pricey but worth it. I put some Atturo tires on mine because they looked good and we're cheap, but we're garbage. ://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/27176/2014-chevrolet-silverado-1500-fuel-coupler-leveling-kit This was my previous pickup setup on their website
  13. I had 112k miles on my 14 6.2 with the AFM enabled. No issues and no oil consumption. But after doing some mods and getting a custom tune from Blackbear I decided to disable it. Just personal preference, I didn't see it go into V4 much because of my driving habits and lack of flat roads where I live. Currently have 125k miles and no oil consumption 👍
  14. My thoughts exactly! The 2019 reveal was UGLY! I'm not a fan of the 16-17 front ends either. I'm happy with my 14 as I think it's the last best looking front end Chevy has made.

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