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  1. I'm the same way with mine! I have a 14 High Country 6.2 with just over 123k miles. No catch can ever. Had the AFM enabled up to 116k miles before putting a black bear tune on it. I drive it hard, borderline abuse it, and have no issues. I plan on doing heads and cam this winter and will do a detailed post to see how everything looks without having a catch can on for all these miles. I have no plans on getting rid of this pickup. So I'm curious on how many miles I get on it before anything major happens, if anything does.
  2. I agree with 10SierraAt, you've built a bad ass pickup and probably my dream pickup haha. Can't wait to see your future videos I'll have to subscribe to you on YouTube! I plan on doing heads and cam in my 14 High Country 6.2 this winter. Curious on what you would recommend. I've been eyeing Texas Speeds heads and cam package. I've already got Kooks headers and y pipe, Corsa Sport exhaust, black bear tune, and MIT tube. Any advice would be appreciated. Once again love the build!!
  3. Exhaust Noise

    Yea I'm curious on if it fixes cures it for you. I've been meaning to get a video of mine but haven't had time and I can't find my GoPro suction cup mount.
  4. Exhaust Noise

    I don't think it's the flapper causing the rasp. I have Kooks 1 7/8 headers and catless y into a Corsa Sport exhaust (no flapper). It's installed on my 6.2 and I have bad rasp in the same rpm range as you. I'm thinking it's the no cats and headers causing it. I'm going to add a small muffler in addition to the Corsa sport and see if that helps. Did you go catless or catted with your ARH?
  5. I just did my own last Friday. All I did was drop pan and change internal filter. Took about 6.5 quarts of fluid. From what I've read on here that is what most everyone does. If they don't change the filter when they flush I don't see the point really. It's like changing your engine oil and not changing the filter.
  6. Personally a Black bear tune is the best money I've spent so far, but if a tune is out of the question I'd recommend Corsa sport exhaust. I have the 6.2 so I'm not sure if it would be a good comparison or not ( assuming you have the 5.3). I can get you sound clip if interested. Ill add that after installing headers and catless y pipe it is very loud! I'm looking to add a muffler to quiet it down a bit. Also I did the MIT tube from airaid with a drop in K&N filter, and the stock air box mod.
  7. +1 dealerships are notorious for over tightening oil filters. I do all mine myself and it's easily removed with one hand and put back on one hand.
  8. 14 GMC Sierra 1500 6.2 Crew Cab SLT

    Not in the market for a new pickup but am curious on the brand of tonneau cover that is. Would be interested in buying it if you wanted to sell separate.
  9. Finally found someone with more miles than me! I have a 14 6.2 with 122,000 miles and runs fantastic. Never had a catch can installed just some mods (LT headers, cat-back exhaust, MIT tube, blackbear tune) If all goes as planned I plan on doing TSP heads, cam, and DOD delete this winter, and when I do I plan on doing a detailed write up on how the internals look.
  10. Was on the dodge website building one out of curiosity and found what "brass monkey" package was. Pretty much the bronze 20's and gloss black badges .
  11. That thing is sweeet looking. I don't plan on giving up my 6.2 HC but the wife's Cadillac srx might be time for an upgrade.....🤑
  12. 22k for a lt with 100k is a little much I think. I bought a 14 High Country 6.2 with around 100k for a little more than 25k a year ago. Definitely no regrets on my decision. I think the wreaked LTZ is the way to go if you can do the work your self. I prefer the higher trim levels (LTZ, High Country), but that's just me.
  13. FS: 2014/15 Sierra led headlights oem

    Im guessing they are for a GMC?
  14. I use to haul a 305 gallon water tank in the bed of my 2014 1500 all the time and had no issues of anything breaking, bending, blowing a tire, etc. 305 gallons at 8.34 pounds per gallon is 2543.7 pounds plus the weight of tank and 180-190 pounds for me driving. I did this for almost two years averaging 2 loads a week at a 13 mile trip one way loaded. I do have helper air bags, but never an issue. OP I think hauling half a pallet on your tailgate will be fine, and 2000 pounds is fine also. if it squats a lot throw some air bags on and call it a day.

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