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  1. Personal preference. If you read back through the thread, you'll find good things to say about each. I've got Belltech and am very happy with it, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been disappointed with McGaughy's either. If you're going with spindles, you'll find more comments about McGaughy's and they're all positive.
  2. Looks to me like you got an extra... http://www.belltech.com/extras/docs/BBGC/6651.pdf
  3. I definitely want the extended range of travel for the diff, and I'm not too worried about resale...I haven't ever sold off any vehicle that I've owned, and don't intend on starting a new trend now either. If the time ever comes that I want to sell it and upgrade, then I fully expect to take whatever financial hit comes along with the modifications. Besides, I already have the feeling that I'm gonna want to go even lower at some point I appreciate the heads up nonetheless!
  4. Thanks Shaun. I remembered your post about Timbren stops earlier last year while I was looking around at the various options this past week. Just bought an '18 DCSB last week, and it's going in for a 5/7 next weekend. We're notching it and I'm going to keep the Belltech stops on it for now, but wanted to have a better option available if needed. This was it!
  5. I voted color-matched paint as being the best look, but in the case of changing out chrome I would go with powdercoating. Find someone reputable in your area and you wont have any issues with quality, plus it will hold up better to chips over time.
  6. Since the thread got bumped, I'll throw in my opinion here for future searches. If you're at all concerned about the actual performance of the radio, get a magnetic mount for the roof, even if that means ditching your existing antenna and buying something new that is more suited for that purpose. If you don't care at all about transmit/receive range, then just put together whatever best suits your needs aesthetically. A good quality mag-mount antenna in the center of the roof will beat anything else that you can put together.
  7. Thanks for the offer. Not really sure which way I want to go at this point, but I'll get with you if I decide to give that a shot.
  8. Thanks man. I appreciate the help..and also respect your comfort level in going with the notch after 5 months of ownership. I just couldn't pull the trigger on that one. Hell, I waited 3 years to do anything to this 150. But that was coming off a bad relationship with a '90 454SS that didn't end so well. Do you happen to have part numbers for the Bilsteins that I should look at?
  9. Ouch. Yeah, I didn't even consider the extra weight of the body and how much affect it will have on the rear. Maybe I'll just play it safe with 6" to start and go lower later on if I can get away with it. I'm gonna stay away from notching it right out of the gate. Something about cutting into the frame of a brand new truck doesn't set easy with me. Lol.
  10. Sorry, I should have clarified that... it'll be the double cab
  11. Gentlemen, I'm in the market for a 17 LT Z71...it's just a matter of finding a dealer who's going to work with me to get me down into the pricepoint where I'll buy. Anyway, that's besides the point: I've lurked here for a while and have basically decided on a 4/7 Belltech drop and Bilsteins. My question is which model Bils should I be looking for, and any pitfalls on either that I should be aware of? Looking at Nasty's ride, I'm probably going to throw some McGaughy helpers on it too. My '98 F150 is still riding on Nitros all these years later, and while the ride sucks, I didn't know any better and just got used to it. I'm looking to avoid that this time around. Thanks for the help.

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