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  1. 1) stays in lower gear for easy driving, full throttle launch is the same, just firmer shifts 2) drops down and holds gear longer 3) asked to eliminate torque management and seems quite a bit snappier 4) because it is the '17 there is a $50 fee due to the added security, and i also opted for the hard case. total came to $709
  2. that was true until they figured out the unlock. If you want to clarify it then talk with Black Bear. I have a separate flash file for the TCM and it makes a BIG difference.
  3. no, you flash the ECM and the TCM with their own tune file thru the auto cal
  4. no, there is no removal of anything, just plug in, get code, send file to get unlock code, then unlock copy and data log. then get tuned file back and put it on autocal then reflash
  5. I did it thru the auto cal
  6. I did Engine and TCM. TCM shifts are a bit firm under full throttle but i was told they will level out because it is learning. Love it thou. next will come the mods, but it was great for making a stock truck run properly.
  7. not sure how that holds true, but they seem to tune it to the point it barely uses fuels instead of using a bit more for better drivability and lubrication
  8. loved my Diamond eye on my diesel, gonna have to look at this. ran mine in the NE and no signs of rot after 3 years
  9. mine did this too...just fixed it with the help of Blackbear Performance. GM runs these truck really lean.
  10. Mine Chirped bad, dealer replaced the entire exhaust with only 5k miles! i tried to get them to swap it for my choice, but no go.. I will do a mod soon. curious if anyone has tried just getting rid of the resonator.
  11. Ok, another 100 miles on it ant what a difference in the truck. Shift patterns and smooth acceleration. what a relief with this nightmare of the past 8 months!
  12. I just Tuned mine last night and drove it this morning 40 miles to work, and it is a world of difference!!!!
  13. Yes, i too had those issues but with Black Bear they changed the TCM as well and in my opinion it drives how i would drive a manual. it holds the gear it needs instead of the one it should be in on the highway!

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