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  1. Thank you very much. Funny I see a few other guys around town that you can tell really take care of their trucks and I wonder if they are on this forum. Us Mainahs need to stick together HAHA. The controller just runs the bar light. It has 28 different patterns. It can also turn off the front or back part of the bar as needed. I am a big fan of the Magnum rack also. Man, they are not cheap tho. Did you know they are made in Waterville? I made my own mounts for the light because I was not sure how I wanted it to sit. I need to make a small change to them so the light does not have that slight tilt up in the front. I went back and forth for 6 months on putting a plow on mine also. In the end, I was sick of snow blowing and just did it. This last storm reminded me why I did it and I am glad I did. I started a thread about adding a plow to a 1500 when I was trying to decide if I wanted too or not. There are some good posts from members that could be of help to you. They were to me.
  2. Added a beacon to my truck. I decided if I was going to do it I was going to do it right. I hid the controller so I don't have to look at it when I am not using it. I also mounted the light in such a way that I can unhook it and pop it off the truck in a few minutes when spring comes. Funny thing is I just did an 800-mile road trip and this light cost me about 1.5 MPG!
  3. Great info. Thank you for sharing I use MS Paint to resize mine. I drop them 50% and it works fine. Oh and congrats on your plow. We are getting 20" here tomorrow. I will post how it goes.
  4. Oh, I forgot to post. Today it was 65 deg here (Crazy warm for us this time of year, people were in shorts today). I had the plow on. I took it to the DIY carwash to wash the salt off it. I drove around with it on before because I had a few places I needed to go. The truck water temp never went above 210 deg. Just an FYI.
  5. I installed a 2nd battery today. I used a solenoid to isolate the 2 batteries. I installed a small 3 position switch to control the solenoid. It has 3 modes. Mode 0 the batteries are isolated no matter what position the key is in. Mode 1 the batteries are isolated when the key is off. When the key is in the run position the batteries are tied together letting the 2nd battery charge. Mode 2 the batteries are tied together no matter what position the key is in. Mode 0 is for should there be a problem with the 2nd battery or anything on that system it can be isolated from the factory electical system. Mode 1 is how the system is run normally. All my added lights and accessories are on the 2nd battery. So if I am at camp and run this battery down I can still start the truck. The battery will recharge as I drive. Mode 2 is for when the factory battery is dead for some reason and I need to boost myself. So I can boost the truck without getting out of the cab. You don't want to leave the switch set to mode 2 because the solenoid would run the 2nd battery down over an extended period of time. I will make a thread with a better discription, pictures and a drawing if it will be of any use to someone. I ran this setup on my 2001 Z71 for a few years and it worked well. There I used it to run a 3000-watt inverter. Soon I will be reinstalling that in my 2017.
  6. I finished installing the system today. Works great. Will post a thread about installing a system with a parts list and drawing. There are no kits out there that I saw that do that I want.
  7. I am adding a 2nd battery because I use the truck at camp to power an inverter to power saws and other tools. I also am going to use the 2nd battery to power the Amber bar light and other things I am going to add. This way when the truck is off the accessories won't kill the truck Battery. Also the way I am going to wire it the truck will be able to boost its self with the push of a button if needed. When I am done with the install I will post what and how I did it if people would like. The 2nd battery will help when plowing because when running both batteries are on the line. But I don't think it is needed.
  8. Sorry for the delay in posting. Here are some pictures of the push plates install. As you can see they hang down more then I would like but as you said It should not be an issue for you. Please forgive my 1940's garage. The truck is rarely in there. I am working on adding a 2nd battery in the truck.
  9. I don't know. I don't want the truck to look silly and junked up but I need a plow light and I have this one. It's new and works great. I would make a custom mount so it sat much lower on the rack. I would take it off in the summer. What do you guys think?
  10. Sir. You are having the same problem I was having trying to find anything about this plow on a current GM 1500 truck. We just had a 6" storm today. I can say this setup works very well. Truck and plow work great together. Trans temp never got over 194 and water temp never went over 215 (OAT 40 deg) when plowing. This setup drives fine on the road. It costs me around 1.5 mpg running around town with it on not plowing. As I said in a different post I put a 2.5-inch leveling kit on the truck last year and am very glad I did. The truck only drops about an inch at the front wheels with the blade up. I did zip time the 2 hoses going to the wing rams to each other because one kept getting into the right wing return spring. It was not hurting the hose but I did not like the idea of it so a quick zip tie fix and no more issues. The plow installs and removes so easy compared to fisher minute mounts I have used. I showed the guys at work with fishers and they were shocked. I dropped it right there and put it back on in about 2 minutes. Only hard part is lining up the truck and plow but that is the same on any plow. So far my only complaint is that the push plates are really low on the truck compared to a fisher. That could be an issue this summer at my camp in the woods. If it is I will pull them off until fall. But if you don't go in the woods with your truck you will never have an issue. Here is a picture from today after I finished plowing. I am trying to decide if I want to install this bar light I have or if it is silly. So I tossed it up on the roof and took a picture. I would mount it on the headache rack, not the roof. I will post some pictures of the front end and push plates with the plow off tomorrow when I pull the plow off. Good luck with your project. Please post pictures and your thoughts when you are done. Might be a help to guys like us in the future.
  11. Good post. I already made something like in your link so when I go shooting my rifle cases don't slide around. But thank you very much for the link and the post. When in dought get the book out. Or as I tell my guys at work, RTFM Read The F******G Manual. HAHA

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