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  1. Removing Your Gate

    What do you do with ite camera and electric lock harness if you do manage to get it off? Come to think of it I have no desire to remove the tailgate and have not removed one on my last five trucks.
  2. Proud to be an American

    My street was alive with American flags today in addition to the one i fly every day. Made me proud to have served and remember those who are no longer with us.
  3. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I decided that since I had Memorial Day off so could my truck and drove the lawnmower instead......cut the lawn better than my Denali would have anyway.
  4. Wonder what happened here?

    Sure looks like overload or firing out of battery. Is that a 94 Winchester?
  5. Vehicle Survey

    I am very hesitant to click on anything that is not santioned by the moderators of the site, suggest you go through them with your request.
  6. Have you built your own AR?

    I just built and gave another AR to a member of Law Enforcement ( State Trooper) that makes his Department issue Bushmaster look a bit antiquated. This one used a SOCOM profile barrel by Faxon, melonitite treated, 13" rail, ALG ACT fire control group, Nickle boron BCG, Magpul ACSL stock and on and on.....it should give him good service....suggested he run. 3-500 rounds through it to insure reliability. I have so many AR's on hand that sharing a couple with the guys who really need them has been quite satisfying. Grand kids are coming to visit this summer so have new OR Bushmaster Carbines in boxes waiting for them, made a special rifle for Son in Law and hopefully he remembers an ffl so they can be shipped to their home. The biggest problem with AR's is left over parts, they lay there and pass on vibes that cause you to think " just a few more parts and I can have another whole rifle".
  7. Raw deal

    Spurshot, The photo is of "Maddie n me" taking delivery of the 2017 Denali, where ever I go if Maddie is not with me it immediately draws questions as to her location. As summer nears reluctantly she must remain home more.
  8. Not a joke thread

    I had several GMC pickups with a 5.3.....1999, 2002 and 2004 that were grreat trucks with no issues at all except the 1999 lost it's ABS module at 69,000 so I left it and bought the 2002 but never an oil issue. But in keeping with good international relationships beyond the border---ha, ha, ha! Oops reread the OP and i don't think laughter was in order
  9. Not a joke thread

    I guess this old American boy missed the Canadian humor ?
  10. Raw deal

    Just seven years ago my Tinker dog, a Westie gave up her fight to remain alive . Even the $32,000 spent through the years at the vet were for naught when she finally could take no more and moved to a place where she can chase squirrels to her hearts content. At my daughters insistance i found a breeder on a local indian reservation and was acquainted with my new Westie, Maddie. For the first six months we fought for dominance of the house and of course she finally won but allows mme to drive her places and to see people. Maddie loves everyone, in seven years has never expressed a threatining tone to anyone ( except cats, squirrrels and quail.) in fact at the GMC dealer the other day I was ignoring her while looking at a pick up and when I refocused attention Maddie and a 14 month crawler were licking each other's face while mom chuckled. When my ammo can of ashes is buried in the local cemetery Tinker will be in there with me and Maddie will be cared for by a friend she loves very much. Our valued little friends can have quite an impact on otherwise mundane lives. Spurshot, go find another Lab to share your life with.
  11. Likaroc, I have had the new truck for a couple of weeks now and cannot believe the difference between the 2015 and 17. The engine has a lot more snap and the eight speed has become so smooth that it is hard to find the shift points. The Denali sits a couple of inches higher and for my long but arthritic legs it is a good thing. There are other subtle changes and the heated steering wheel is a real keeper. I can see why your brother loves his truck. I loved my previous Canyon and the new one is just a bit nicer.
  12. What did you drive in High School?

    It was necessary to push the dinosaur bones out of the roadway so I could drive my 51' Chevy Sport Coupe, 6 cyl, three speed with dual exhaust and lowered 2" in the front, topped off with Oldsmobile spinner hubcaps. Not much today but in 1958 it was a cool ride for a kid working after school to finance the weekend dates.
  13. Since you are asking for advice or direction I think pm26 has the most sound remarks of all those who commented. I would advise the dealer in writing (certified delivery to the responsible person) of your intentions and provide them with an oil sample at the time of analysis if they request same. It is terribly unfortunate that this incident has taken a new vehicle experience and turned it into a nightmare, I, however, would continue to have all engine service done at the same dealership and request a copy of all current information regarding this incident for your personal records.
  14. AMXguy, Agree with your comparison suggestions, I am due to have my Denali delivered to the dealer today and after a few accessories are added I shall finally have my new truck ready to enjoy. While waiting for my new Denali I accompanied my neighbor on a shopping spree to replace his Toyota Highlander with a new one sans the battery and electric motor option. While in several dealerships I looked at the Tacoma and not liking the external styling was amazed to get the impression this gaily colored truck was little more advanced in the interior than ten years ago. Maybe Toyota put their money in other areas but changing the plain plastic and no frills interior was not one of those areas. My new Denali will be my fourth Canyon and I have yet to have a mechanical problem other than recalls by the factory all of which have been small issues. I can survive without a power rear slider and look forward to enjoyable times in the new vehicle.
  15. SBR vs AR Pistol

    Yesterday it was announced that ATF reversed it'self on the brace touching shoulder issue so now one does not need to fear the Gov Position Police will catch you firing in some unacceptable stance. I enjoy shooting my pistols but was always self conscious about somehow being illegal due to an arbitrary observation by someone hiding behind a tree. This decision certainly would not have come from the last administration.

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