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  1. High everyone. I think i will be alright with these tire sizes, hoping people will tell me i am correct. The truck came with 255 70 17 tires, My first choice is 265 75 17 which i believe is an 1 1/2 inches taller (31.06 vs 32.65) and less than 1/2 wider. (10.04 vs 10.43) My second choice is 275 70 17 Which is an inch taller (31.06 vs 32.16) and less than an inch wider (10.04 vs 10.83) 2 wd Bilstiens at highest setting with the z85 suspension, stock original rims. Will they rub? Thank you in advance
  2. 2015 silverado, reg cab, base work truck, I want to replace, add speakers.I only have the two in the doors. I am pretty confident that the speaker size in the doors are 6x9's. Where i am having trouble is with dash speakers and the speakers behind the door posts. Best buy tells me that these speakers should be 4x6's. I found a youtube video of a guy pulling out 4x6's in a slightly older reg cab. The place i think i will order speakers from (sonic) tells me 4x6's will not fit. So i have a few questions, What speaker size will be a close fit in these locations and what other sizes might fit in these locations. I searched Speakers in this forums and read thru the 4 pages and did not find an answer.I know this is a question that must have been asked before, I just can't find the answer. Thank you in advance. Tony
  3. Thanks for the reply. I had mine installed last week and at first i was disappointed. But now i realize that the ride is much better. I think my expectations were too high and after driving my moms car over the same roads realize the rides are very similar. I am thrilled about the way the truck now looks. Hope all is well with you
  4. If anyone in the chicago area would like to trade there chrome bumpers for my matte black 2015 silverado work truck bumpers maybe we could work something out.
  5. Thanks for reading my question. I just purchased a 2 wheel drive silverado work truck. It is a 2015 regular cab with a long box. There are two things i don't like about this truck. The first is the ride quality, 2nd is the rake which seems more noticeable in this configuration than other trucks with other bed, cab configurations that i have seen. I do not know which i dislike the most. So i guess my questions are, is the ride quality much different between the highest setting of the front shocks and the next lowest setting and do you like your choice of adding the 5100's to your ride. Thanks in advance, Tony

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