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  1. WTB Add Leaf for Silverado 1500

    I have an add a leaf setup that I never installed because I sold the truck. The leafs themselves are from ebay from a vendor I've used multiple times with no issues. I will also include a set of new GM (4)ubolts and (8)nuts I had bought too as well as the hardware that comes with the leafs. I've read you should replace them instead of reusing your existing so that was my plan. The GM ubolts are $16/ea and nuts are $1.63 each. I originally installed the Zone add a leafs but didn't like them because they didn't add any payload capacity and squeaked because they didn't have the anti squeak pads like these do. I ended up selling my truck before I hit them installed. I'd sell everything shipped for $150. It's all brand new never used.
  2. 1.75" BORA wheel spacers

    PRICE DROP...$195 shipped to lower 48
  3. 1.75" BORA wheel spacers

    No thanks, you could buy the set and then sell the two extra though! Thanks for checking though.
  4. Good point! I forgot that some GM wheels have that pocket that will let you use wheel spacers less than 1.25", my 20's did not have the pockets.
  5. 1.75" is the minimum on GM trucks to not have to cut studs. As I recall with my tire size of 275/60r20 and my Bushwacker Flares my tires were flush with the flare and stuck out with the Flares obviously but not much, my Flares only extended .75" I think.
  6. I've since sold the truck and don't have any pictures of it like you wanted. Sorry.
  7. 1.75" BORA wheel spacers

    BORA (Bulletproof Off-Road Adaptors) is the brand. They are $62/ea plus shipping from BORA. They are made in the USA.
  8. 1.75" BORA wheel spacers

    Still available, offers?
  9. 1.75" BORA wheel spacers

  10. 1.75" BORA wheel spacers

  11. I agree completely! The fit and finish on them is pretty bad for that $2500 price too.
  12. I wired mine into the factory bed lights, that way they come on with the switch inside the truck and will also also automatically go off if you forget to turn them off.
  13. I've had Leer, Snugtop, and ARE campers on various trucks and they all rub someplace. There are too many variables in placement and variances from truck to truck for them not to rub a few places. To fit like consumers want them to fit (so they look factory and sleek as opposed to what they looked like 20 years ago) they are close to the truck surfaces unfortunately. I usually mount them, then look to see if they are close anywhere, then raise it up and put wood blocks under it to get it up away from truck and sand any rubbing fiberglass areas from backside slightly so they stop rubbing the paint or plastic trim. The plastic trim being rubbed doesn't bother me personally.

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