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  1. I bought my 2017 in Jan. It has been nothing but trouble. The first day the paint fell off. A week later the truck was shaking horribly but it was only from 30 to 80 mph so that was labeled as in spec. My back seat caught on fire and when I brought this to the dealer he started laughing and told me to F off. Seriously, my truck is fine, your truck is fine. Take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt.
  2. I think Ford has the advantage when it comes to the engines offered at lower trims. The 2.7 and 3.5 have better performance than the 5.3. The 6.2 should be brought down at least to the LT if not LS model.
  3. I kept getting power steering codes after a week. Took it off and haven't had the issue since. On a side note, bought the intune but they have yet to release the 2017 update. Sooner or later I will be able to turn off afm....
  4. I have the bakflip f1. Little to no water leakage. Great cover!
  5. First truck I owned and the only other one besides my Silverado was a 98 Dodge Ram. I have not owned or driven the f150. When I was truck shopping I did not bother with the Fords because before I bought the Dodge, I got an 89 Ford Thunderbird. Of all of the cars and trucks owned by me, my family, or in laws, that thunderbird was one of the worst pieces of crap anybody owned. It was so bad that we have all steered away from Ford. Short version were compressors with a life span of 50k miles, dashboards that went completely dark so you couldn't see the speed, oil leaks, sunroof leaks, radiator leaks, etc... all before getting to 90k. Is the f150 a marvel of engineering, maybe, but I am happy to pass on it.
  6. 60-65 in Houston I get around 19-21. 70-75 I haven't taken a long enough trip with it. City driving is 15-17. My last truck was a 1998 Dodge that was 1000 lbs lighter with 270 horsepower and it got 17 on a good day on the highway. 14-15 in the city. I am happy.

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