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  1. Sori yes the Phone AP. And yes not with phone connected so if you left truck at dealer parked location should show the dealer location on the ap when upu at home
  2. Anybody using the GMC ap in Canada ?? Mine does not show parked location correctly just shows truck always at my home ?? Dealer thinks that function not available in Canada , that dont make sense to me. Any ideas pretty sure I have all the settings correct
  3. I just traded my 2010 cc Z 71 for a 2017 cc z71 and its stuffer tide gor sure and I had my 2010 from new BUT. the 2010 had 18” wheels and 2017 has 20’s I think thats most of the reason for stiffer ride
  4. Ive had my last 3 GM trucks done at Krown dealer with good results the one thing my guy does is remove the tailites and spray the inside of the box over the wheelwells Never had a rust issue there
  5. I have a 17 ALL TERRAIN CC 4x4 with 20 wheels and the crappy Rancho shocks but it rides fine yes firmer than my 2010 z71
  6. Does this bug anyone else ?? To sdjust your mirror you select the side BUT the switch goes back to neutral. After about a minute PIA if you want to make a quick change while driving My 2010 stayed in the last position til you changed it 2017 GMC ALL TERRAIN
  7. Thanks good to know its the high beams that I want an improvement the most Im gonna go for the 5500
  8. Do a search 2014 had a prinlem with paint sticking on the gravel hard portion GM has a note to dealer they will repaint if paint fails the tape test. Paint comes off when you pull masking tape off in thst area.
  9. Id like to know if the Morimoto bulbs improve the high beam range the stock high beam is hardly a difference over low beam or by being brighter do they light up farther ?
  10. Is this a 2014 ? They had a peeling problem in the gravel gaurd area
  11. Oops should have read " does NOT ride front up "with level kit in front with the summo springs Rear is stock except for Summo springs unliaded they dont change stock ride ht
  12. I tow 9000lb trailer with Summo springs " replaces stock bumpstops. In rear Rear does not squat 1.5 level kit does give front up ride FWIW
  13. My 2017 ALL Terrain. Has the 1.5 level in front with stock size tire on factory 20" wheels sits level IMO looks good I would not like front any higher when sitting drivers seat friends 2016 has 2.5 and feels like goung uphill when in drivers seat
  14. Does TSB 16-NA-019 correct the decel harsh 1-2 downshift like the -411 tsb in a 2017 6.2 8 My service guy mentioned that one have not taken truck in yet Or is wrong for my truck

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