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  1. No issue for me Im on my third Gm truck with v4. My 2010 5.3 with 150,000 on it no issue no oul consumption yes clean oil and not anything thicker than 5/30 I tow 8000 lb car hauler all over the lower gear rear teally wakes up the v 4. Engages sooner abd stays in longer 2010 5.3 6 spd with 4.11 rear was perfect v4 stayed engaged way better with 4.11 plus I had a BB tune my 2017 6.2 8 spd v4 mode works the best of any one so far no goofy in out
  2. My dipstik just has 2 dots on it about 1/2” apart no other markings I assumed correct level would be between the 2 dots however have had 2 oil changes so far and both times the oil level is about 1/2” ABOVE the top dot ??? is this correct ?? 2 nd oil change at dealer I watched him add the correct amount of oil with filter 7.6 Liters or 8 qts Seems like a odd dipstik marking anybody else noticed this ????
  3. I use the app more often mine starts fine even in -20 But sometimes with fob it wont start when real cold
  4. They have both the Borla and the GM perf system made by Corsa. No flapper valve in the GM PERF / Corsa system
  5. At first almost too quiet but after some miles it changes a bit and is perfect
  6. I have it on my 2017 6.2 cruising at 70 same as stock. In cabin perfect balance of nice sound and no drone IMO
  7. If ot squats 3” and using a WD. Hitch wrong hitch capacity and or not set up right WD hitch is first thing to do gor safe towing at that wt Ive had both air bags and Summo springs and for my 7500lb trailer I like the summo springs the best unloaded dont change stock ride and of course never leak but air bags work fine but they need some air in them even unloaded so ride a bit firmer but not harsh
  8. Update I got it to work my phone was the issue had to do a reset then the hotspot showed up and was able to use phone on mylink as data source but so far it does not seem to save the connection and or not there so have to “add a network “ makes it a bit cumbersome so far dont see how to “ save” a network
  9. if sway is improved by adding air pressure your WD hitch is not sized right or not adjusted right the hitch takes most of the load off the tires if adjusted right so 2 psi more is all you need I like the 4 point style WD hitch controls dway and load Now if your not using a WD hitch then thats a different story yes you need to add more aor to carry the extra load
  10. That would be great. I think I checked everything in my phone settings to ensure it should work
  11. Ya I agree on P tires set. Cold st 35 maybe 37 but no more if your hitch wt etc is correct. I tow 7000lbs with 700hitch wt and used to do the ild school add 5lbs in rear but after wearing out the center tread a new set of Michelins from overinflation I stick to 37 max cold. No issues and I pull 1200 miles one way. Many times now if you did not have a WD hitch different story
  12. Yes thats what I thought for some reason I dont see my phone on the list of networks when in my driveway I do see my house wifi but not my phone ?? Yes hotspot is on ?? I turned off wifi on phone so it would go to my phine lte network

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