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  1. Ok,I was focusing more on the 3 fins sealing the rear gate. I'll make the adjustment with pushing the cover against the front seal as you stated. Appreciate it! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah, from watching other videos, they mention to put it at the back edge. Mine's pretty close to the back edge, but I also have it adjusted to where the back seal(the 3 fins) that seals the tailgate, are all on the tailgate itself. I think my instructions only mentions using that seal if you have no bed-liner, but to use it with a spray on liner, not sure it mentioned to put it at the back edge. If anything, I'll try to get it as close to the edge radius. I've also seen folks mention in their videos, that they push the cover all the way up to the bed/seal so it sits square. Looking underneath, the front edge is not pushed up all the way against the front of the bed, but everything seems to seal/line up pretty square. I did have the front seal completely overlapping at the start, but as I pulled more to the rear to get those 3 fins to seal the tailgate, it now sits on the front seal with just about an 1/8 hanging over that seal. I'll try to get some pictures when I get home today with some good lighting.
  3. Ok, so I finally got around to installing it tonight. Question I have is, how many of you that have this one installed all 3 bumpers that it came with to protect the back window area when it's folded all the way up against it? I was installing the middle one and it seems that is all I needed, as I see the ones they show to add on the outside parts, the cover doesn't even touch the windows, I'd say a good 3/8" to 1/2" away from the window(back of cab) once I installed the bumper in the center. So, that's all the bumper I have installed for now, just the center one. Also, how far did you let the rubber seal up by the cab, the one that goes over the weather strip seal, go over it. I have mine pretty much lined up with it and not really overlapping. I'll put up pictures once I get better shots during the day, as I get home and leave for work when it's dark..
  4. Cool, thanks for that info. I'll make sure to pay attention to that part during install. I'll look at the tailgate gasket as well just in case I'll need it. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll grab some extra foam just in case. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  6. How are you liking the fit and look of the cover. Any issues with leakage into the bad? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  7. I was looking at the BAKFlip MX4 for my truck the last couple weeks, saw that they were pretty much across the board at $809 today for Black Friday deal. I was on Bakflip dot com site and saw that chat window pop up saying to chat for discounts.. so pop it open and asked if the price they are showing for the MX4 was the best price they offer since most sites were selling it for that price...response was, the chat price was $768.99(free shipping) out the door. So, jumped on that and should be seeing it in about a week or so. Anyone looking for a Tonneau Cover or looking at this one might want to try the chat feature and might get a better deal than advertised, maybe they do this all the time? But it was new to me and think I got a good deal on it. Item I bought: BAK-448121 - BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover - BAK-448121
  8. My dealer sent me the book in the mail as well and I ripped out the poster, but just looked at the cars.. didn't pay attention to the details.. thanks for mentioning it, just signed up and now will wait for 6-8/weeks to get the free stuff..
  9. Looking at the listing, the sticker on the back shows: 84166517. I looked that up and found them, but the prices are in the $400+ range... I just sent an email to white auto and media to get the exact one for mine.. want to make sure..
  10. I actually got an email late Friday saying my order was canceled as well, from group1autparts, but they referred me to 2 other dealers, one close to me. So I placed an order.. and just got another email today saying that General Motors has this part on national constraint (back order), but they will keep my order and ship out once they get their stock or I can get my refund. I told them to keep my order and send out once they get their stock. So... hopefully I don't fall under that 'provide your VIN #' to get the order shipped once they get them in.
  11. Right.... I haven't been on this site for about 2 weeks as I got a new phone(yeah, more $$ bye-bye..) and what's the first post I see, this!!! Now I'm out $112... dang it!!! lol...
  12. Was it really that easy to pull off? From you video I thought you had to push up on some tabs from underneath. Now I feel like gave bndawgs wrong info on removing the chrome trim pieces once it's already in place..
  13. I talked to AT&T and due to me being on the unlimited data plus plan it would cost $20 to add the truck to my plan which is basically the same as OnStar. If I wasn't on the unlimited plan, it would be $10 month....guess I'll continue to hotspot off my phone, unless I go on some really long trip I might get it for the month.... Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk

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