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  1. My dealer sent me the book in the mail as well and I ripped out the poster, but just looked at the cars.. didn't pay attention to the details.. thanks for mentioning it, just signed up and now will wait for 6-8/weeks to get the free stuff..
  2. Looking at the listing, the sticker on the back shows: 84166517. I looked that up and found them, but the prices are in the $400+ range... I just sent an email to white auto and media to get the exact one for mine.. want to make sure..
  3. I actually got an email late Friday saying my order was canceled as well, from group1autparts, but they referred me to 2 other dealers, one close to me. So I placed an order.. and just got another email today saying that General Motors has this part on national constraint (back order), but they will keep my order and ship out once they get their stock or I can get my refund. I told them to keep my order and send out once they get their stock. So... hopefully I don't fall under that 'provide your VIN #' to get the order shipped once they get them in.
  4. Right.... I haven't been on this site for about 2 weeks as I got a new phone(yeah, more $$ bye-bye..) and what's the first post I see, this!!! Now I'm out $112... dang it!!! lol...
  5. Was it really that easy to pull off? From you video I thought you had to push up on some tabs from underneath. Now I feel like gave bndawgs wrong info on removing the chrome trim pieces once it's already in place..
  6. I talked to AT&T and due to me being on the unlimited data plus plan it would cost $20 to add the truck to my plan which is basically the same as OnStar. If I wasn't on the unlimited plan, it would be $10 month....guess I'll continue to hotspot off my phone, unless I go on some really long trip I might get it for the month.... Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  7. For the handle part, you have to remove the screw at the end, and then have to slide it off, towards the rear(if it's on the truck already), not sure if the part that bends around the end will clear the smaller part. Also, the small part(other part of the handle), you have to release the tabs from inside...
  8. Sure, no problem, but the install might not happen anytime soon. Weekends are getting busy and so is work. I just wanted to have the parts ready just in case I get an unexpected free weekend.. [emoji1] Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  9. Well, I messaged them last night and he replied that it looks like they all are like the one I got, with that little gap. Not sure if he physically checked them all.. But that's the response I got. Good luck! Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  10. My door handles just arrived in the mail today. All the LED lights works and it looks like I'll have to get them painted to match my Graphite Metallic, so much for the Tungsten.. One thing I notice, the middle of the handle where the outer trim meets the handle(center arch), there is a little gap. I thought was only on one handle, but it's on all of them. When I loosen the screw at the base, it closed the gap a little to where it's not that noticeable. Might have to trim or look at some other way to get it to sit flush with the other part of the handle.. I might contact the seller and see if his other handles have this going on with them as well... good thing I'm still missing a piece and in no hurry to do the install.. I still need to chat with Mouser folks to get alternative #s for the part I'm missing. And I was looking at the LED piece.. and was already thinking if I should attempt to switch out the LED to a different color..
  11. No problem. When I started to look up the parts you listed things started to not make sense, so I just listed my parts to make sure I wasn't reading your parts list wrong.. One site has a minimum of $50 order, that would be way too many pins I would never use..
  12. Hmmm..after looking at your parts list, this is what I got already: 1563189-1 x 5(one extra just in case) 1563190-1 x 5(one extra just in case) 962943-2 x 20 The one I'm really missing is: 964265-2 Are you saying 306-SNAC3W-A021T-064 won't work with the parts I have now? This part looks exactly like 962943-2, just not as wide on the part you crip(in the pictures anyways.) Maybe I'll order these and see how it fits with what I have now.. And 1563180-1 doesn't bring up a part(even tried just googling that part, nothing).
  13. Right on, thanks! I'll check those out when I get a chance. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  14. Do you happen to have the part # for the 2-pin? Not seeing it on the site

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