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  1. Does anyone live in Southern California?

    I'm from Cam too! Mine's stock though.
  2. My side of the garage, my CCSB barely fits. There's a step that I put a piece of wood in front of and as soon as I back into it, I'm in my spot perfectly.
  3. EgxFlash

  4. Are they an authorized dealer for warranty issues down the line? Edit: Looked at the bakflip website here and they are, indeed, an authorized online dealer.
  5. I don't think you can close the tailgate without lifting the first panel on the G2 like you can on the MX4.
  6. that looks like a real clean install!
  7. Anybody else have a GM drop in bedliner? I'm curious as to how the drainage is plumbed through. I'm not keen on drilling thru the bedliner.
  8. clay bar kits/detailing

    I always figure it's just because they still have other crud on the paint that should've ordinarily washed away. Granted, I'll see a little spot here and there but I give my truck/car a good washing before I clay so maybe that's why there usually isn't a lot of black smudges on there.
  9. clay bar kits/detailing

    When it starts to feel like glass, then the claybar has done it's job. I don't think you're supposed to see anything overly dramatic in the clay (at least I never have). I work a small 5x5 or so area at a time, making sure to keep the it wet with QD spray or the like. I fold in the clay bar and expose a fresh surface as I move to the next area.
  10. There was a CCSB that was almost identical to mine (except for the bed length obviously) when I picked up my shortbed. I'm glad I went with the shortbed though because the standard cab wouldn't have fit in my garage otherwise. I decided on the short bed since my truck is mainly for pulling, not so much hauling stuff in the bed. Amd carseats would be a tight fit in the double cab.
  11. I'm in the market for a tonneau cover and leaning heavily towards the MX4 myself. I'd love to hear more feedback though. From what I've read, it's not watertight at all and at best, you'll get some water penetration in the bed. However, I think it's the best looking cover out there as it sits flush with the rail cover.
  12. Never had that issue. Maybe try larger flaps if the ones you have on right now aren't catching the gravel.
  13. If you guys are Costco members, you can get a 15% off coupon through them and that brings the part down to $42.50 from the dealer.
  14. Like i said, it's not a gap. Thanks guys for the help, really, butI'm sorry I used the wrong word initially. I will likely try another trim to see if it butts up against the headliner better than the one I have now. I don't think Id be as good as you with the sandpaper to get it *perfect* as you say.
  15. Nope. Already checked for that. It's okay, thanks for the suggestions guys but I think the molding is slightly flared at the top corner. Like I said, it's not really a gap, just not as tightly butted up at the top corner by the windshield as the passenger side. Also, I don't want to take it off like a previous poster suggested because he ended up marring the cap that he had to sand it to get rid of the marks - then I'll just notice that!

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