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  1. 2019s finally getting HUD!!

    I had it in a Buick back in 2004. Amazed this technology hasn't really caught on. I really liked it and it was super convenient.
  2. This is a pic of the interior of the Trailboss LT from the show. Although it doesn't have a center console, those are cooled seat switches. (Right above the red circle) It also has cloth seats. Whishful thinking or just pre-production glitches?
  3. That's your power steering pump. Might have a bit of a power steering fluid leak at the lines...but no, it will not impact your engine oil pressure. It does look like your valve covers are leaking. Have you checked your oil? What year and model is your truck?
  4. Do they sell enough HC's to justify making it the only trim with the 6.2L? Will the 6.2 be the standard engine on the HC? Diesel optional? Right now, the HC's are taking a big jump with the configurable instrument cluster and HUD. The 6.2 would complete the high-end package. My next truck will be a 6.2L CC LTZ Std Bed Z71...
  5. I agree! Very important to me to have the std bd option. The pic was pulled directly from the Chevy website for the new trucks.
  6. Looks as if they will...they haven't mentioned anything, but this pic looks to be a Crew / Std Bed. 2018-silverado-updates-01.wdp
  7. I have to say, I am liking the rear tailgate. Everyone says that it looks too Tundra or RAM... Ummm...sorry to break it to those folks...but Chevy did it decades ago. Reminds me of my '69...
  8. Hard to tell what the LT/LTZ trims will look like from this picture. But now we know what it looks like overall. I suspect with chrome or color matched grills, I will like it more. I don't like the Trail Boss trim, but I don't like the current trucks with blacked out trim either. It will grow on me. 2014's did as well.
  9. Depends on the rust issue. I know that good condition Z-71's of those years can bring around 5+k...with no rust in my area.
  10. So, I was bartending last nite, and a regular customer came in with his Escalade...first time I ever saw it and it had the lit door handles. I was like, "ooohh...there has to be a way to adapt these to our trucks..." If I had to guess, I knew it was you that was going to do it...
  11. Check out: Dallas Paint Correction and Auto Detailing youtube channel. He's got a pretty good review. I have never used it but Scott says it's better than the PC.
  12. 2004 Silverado SS

    Man that thing looks good. I remember when they were new. I couldn't afford them back then...
  13. 05 escalade 1000-1500 rpm noise HeLp!!

    That doesn't sound like a pulley. It sounds like something is hitting something else. Have you looked at the engine / engine bay while someone is getting on the accelerator pedal? See if something is fouling on another part. Hard to tell from the video if it is internal or external to the engine.
  14. 05 escalade 1000-1500 rpm noise HeLp!!

    You need to see if you can isolate the noise somehow to determine if it is internal or external to the engine. South Main auto has a pretty good video on how to do that and look for noises / bad pulleys. It's tough to determine without being there...but my 2000 Silverado was making a noise that turned out to be a bad pulley.

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