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  1. So, I was bartending last nite, and a regular customer came in with his Escalade...first time I ever saw it and it had the lit door handles. I was like, "ooohh...there has to be a way to adapt these to our trucks..." If I had to guess, I knew it was you that was going to do it...
  2. Check out: Dallas Paint Correction and Auto Detailing youtube channel. He's got a pretty good review. I have never used it but Scott says it's better than the PC.
  3. 2004 Silverado SS

    Man that thing looks good. I remember when they were new. I couldn't afford them back then...
  4. 05 escalade 1000-1500 rpm noise HeLp!!

    That doesn't sound like a pulley. It sounds like something is hitting something else. Have you looked at the engine / engine bay while someone is getting on the accelerator pedal? See if something is fouling on another part. Hard to tell from the video if it is internal or external to the engine.
  5. 05 escalade 1000-1500 rpm noise HeLp!!

    You need to see if you can isolate the noise somehow to determine if it is internal or external to the engine. South Main auto has a pretty good video on how to do that and look for noises / bad pulleys. It's tough to determine without being there...but my 2000 Silverado was making a noise that turned out to be a bad pulley.
  6. 05 escalade 1000-1500 rpm noise HeLp!!

    Can you duplicate it standing still, with the transmission in park?
  7. 05 escalade 1000-1500 rpm noise HeLp!!

    Idler pulley? Does the sound go away after 1500 rpm?
  8. Throttle Body Service

    Just had a friend have a 100k service completed on his 2014 High Country 6.2L. One of the services they performed was a "Throttle Body Service". It included GDI Intake Kit p/n 6592WOR (for $77). Anyone have any idea what this might be? I was considering doing a valve cleaning with the CRC, but was considering this service. He's never had a gripe with the truck, but said the throttle response was noticeable. Thanks for your input.
  9. Firestone Destination AT

    Any updates? How are you liking this tire?
  10. What a great deal! That's almost half off a new one. Let me know if you decide to be willing to ship.
  11. Their Citrus Wash and Gloss is a great car wash. It's the only one I use. I have had good results with their Jet Seal synthetic sealant as well as their X-seal Carnauba wax/sealant. I also like their "Natural Shine" dressing. But I like Adams interior detailer better, so I use the NS on tires and trim now. But I agree, there is a lot of marketing hype built into CG's products.
  12. bleeding brakes

    You should still be able to get fluid out of the ABS control module to the calipers without cycling the module, correct? It just won't bleed correctly and the brakes will be spongy? Or so I thought. Either way, a proper bleed is going to need a programmer.
  13. DL3 Mirrors

    I suppose you could add the wire needed into your mirror harness. There is someone selling a set of DL3's on the board for $250 and taking offers so he may take less....that's a phenomenal price. They usually go for a bit over $300 / set. That would give you power fold / puddle / signal and auto-dim..if you put the harnesses in for it. Might want to read through this a bit as well. I believe the connector p/n's will be mentioned in there that you will need to add. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/198157-2014-2017-dl8-dl3-towing-mirror-upgrade-mirrors-explained/ and also http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/178860-how-to-install-dl3-mirrors-in-2014-lighting-only/ Note that Phil is the most comprehensive on this subject. Might want to PM him with your questions.
  14. Traded the old girl in

    Congrats! The front ends on the new Z-71's are awesome.
  15. I agree with the above suggestions. Use a single bucket wash technique and get real good at it. The better you get at it, the quicker you will be able to do it, and that should give you desired results.

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