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  1. Works flawlessly in my ‘17 Sierra. I have Spotify premium and use it almost exclusively when I’m in the truck.
  2. Haha that was my guess. Cord through the rear slider.
  3. During my 3-month trial period I noticed that my LTE wifi in my Sierra was terribly slow and unreliable. Didn’t surprise me one bit. GM’s lte WiFi is more of a marketing charade, not a functional feature. Just something to tout on commercials to lure prospective buyers.
  4. Beautiful cars! Love the 2-tone green one.
  5. Same color in my ‘17 Sierra. In 2017 gmc switch to the blueish/green color and dumped the red accent lighting that had been used in 2016. Not sure about Chevy. As far as I know there is no way to change it. I’ve played around in settings for a while and never found anything.
  6. I ran BFG’s on my white ‘03 z71 with the white letters out. I thought it looked damn slick back in ‘05. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. I’ve stuck with all black walls on my ‘17 though.
  7. The sunroof is not a standard option for the K2 denalis. Nor are the power steps. My brother-in-law has a ‘15 Denali without either of the options. And the 6.2 can now be had on lower trim levels, such as my slt all-terrain. There’s probably more K2 Denali trucks on the road with sunroofs than without. But certainly not a rare set-up.
  8. The only place you would find bose speakers for your truck is out of another Silverado or Sierra. Bose doesn’t sell automotive speakers to the general consumer. It would be much easier to just go online and score some good aftermarket speakers.
  9. I installed these in my ‘17 and am happy with them. Definitely an improvement over factory. Used the same brand for the license plate lights as well.
  10. It’s a factory subwoofer man. It’s not like it’s a 12” JL with 500 watts pushing it.
  11. The bose speakers will provide better sound quality, be clearer, and have a little more power than the regular factory speakers. The bose system does have a subwoofer that is mounted under the center console that provides decent bass. But the kicker woofers will provide way more punch if that’s what you’re looking for. I miss my pair of kicker comp 10’s that I had under the back seat of my ‘03 z71. You could really feel the music. With my ‘17 I’m more interested in having the storage space under the rear seat and letting the bose woofer do its thing. It’s adequate, nothing more.
  12. Same here. 2017 Sierra with 57k sticker price, and all the info about the truck is packed neatly into a plastic bag that looks like it should have a PB&J in it. Government Motors at your service.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Hopefully I can stay clear with the 1.5 inch level.

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