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  1. I plan to address mine by tuning it out. AFM sucks. There should be an option to turn it off on these trucks. If I was worried out fuel management, I wouldn’t have bought a full size truck with a 6.2 v8, I would have shopped for a Prius. If the technology has shown that it can possibly harm the longevity of the motor, the consumer shouldn’t be forced to use it.
  2. They would fit. But I doubt the ‘14’s are wired correctly to handle the LED tails vs the regular ones. I’m sure there’s a wiring harness or adapter on the market for the conversion. And I bet someone on here has done it. I’ve never looked into it because I’ve got a ‘17. And I agree, the tail lights look way better than the all red ones.
  3. 285/60/20 10-ply duratracs are $1400/set at tirebuyer.com. Free shipping to your house or you can have the set shipped to one of their installers. Last time I did this the mounting and balancing ran me about $130 at the installer. I would ask your shop if they will price match.
  4. That does seem quite high. But it depends on what size the Duratracs are. There’s a significant price difference between 17inch tires and 20inch tires. Also depends on if it is just a front level or if you are also adding blocks in the rear. Either way your quote seems high. My local shop quoted me $250 for front level install and alignment.
  5. That’s probably just the truck trying to keep rpm’s low/stay in V4 to achieve fuel efficiency. Thank the EPA for that. My ‘17 6.2 does the same thing. But once you get into it...hold on! I love the truck and the 6.2, but the way GM has it tuned is frustrating. Your best bet is to get it tuned and/or disable AFM. There’s a local tuner near me that will tune out AFM for $150. I plan on doing this in the near future.
  6. Gotcha. No worries. I’ve got the rust on the manifolds as well. It was the same on my ‘03 z71 too. Not a problem, just kind of an eye sore when you pop the hood.
  7. Oh I have rust, don’t get me wrong. Just not to that extent. I also don’t have any around my rear diff yet, as of 2 days ago when I was under the truck working on side steps. Don’t have any pictures to prove it and can’t take any as I am out of town this weekend.
  8. I don’t think it should be accepted as normal, but it’s nothing to worry about. I’ve got 15,000 miles on my ‘17 and don’t have rust to that extent yet. But your truck could have been hauled on a carrier that drove through some winter weather and encountered some salt spray from the road. Being this time of year it may have been test driven on some salty roads as well. All depends on where the truck originated I guess. Did it have any test drive mileage on it when you took possession of it?
  9. Great looking truck man. The small amount of bronze on the wheels coordinates perfect with your paint color. Did you add the 5100’s before you switched to new tires/wheels? I’m wondering if you noticed any improvement in ride quality with 5100’s in the rear.
  10. http://www.roughcountry.com/wheel-spacers-1065.html something like this may get you just enough clearance with out pushing the wheels out that much.
  11. Fair enough. But the OP did not mention wanting an SLE. He also mentioned he wanted a 6.2, which I have never seen on an SLE truck and I don’t believe it is available with SLE trim. And aside from an all digital gauge cluster, fancy seat stitching/piping, different grille, there’s not much that the Denali offers that can’t be had with a well optioned SLT.
  12. Go for an SLT with a 6.2L. Tell your dealer that’s what you want and they will likely accommodate you. My salesman told me he often has to do a dealer trade to acquire a 6.2 for a sale. The Denali is not worth the extra change for the few extra options that come with it.
  13. I had the same issue with the rain-x latitudes on my ‘17. The passenger side snapped right on, but the driver side wiper arm hook is shaped different than the passenger side on these trucks, and the driver side blade would not fit no matter which included attachment I tried. So I had to return the rain-x blades for some Bosch icons. They fit flawlessly. I really think there was an oversight in the design of the rain-x blades.

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