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  1. Towing with a 6.0l !!! If you want to get up the hills and actually use the engines power range. You should be in the 4500-- to 5000 RPM Range while towing heavy up steep hills. This is where the engine lives and will do its best work. Its a small block Chevy. Let it eat. 3000 to 4000 rpm you are right on the limit of fuel knock if you have bad gas and are unaware of it. Just my 2 cs
  2. Only way the 6l80/90 will help mph is in town. Lower 1st and 2on compared to 4l80. 4l80 first gear was way to tall for a towing rig. Other than that maybe very minor difference when it top gear. But not enough to compensate for the added weight of the newer chassis etc. The variable cam timing should have helped some but only seems to have bumped the power a bit instead. I love the 6.0l and 6speed combo compared the older 4speed. Just wish they would have bumped the power to 400hp and 420/50 ftbls.
  3. Pretty sure if you put 4.30 behind a 6.0l you would have the same grunt as the 6.2. I know the 6.2 is rated higher. But Im also guessing those are a bit inflated numbers. Plus im sure the mpg is worse etc. Just my thoughts. The 6.0 will out last it without a problem.
  4. Roughly Where in B.C are you? And what was the cost? I live in the Lower Mainland. Would be interested is such a product. Thanks.
  5. Gm had an issue with the 2014 and earlier trucks occasionally having a torque converter shudder problem while under load. Pretty sure a recall. was issued for the TCM to be reprogrammed etc. I Dont remember the whole issue. Have not seen it with the 2015 + trucks. But it is probably the same situation.
  6. Thanks. This is what i figured. And should be an easy resolve for a good tech with a scanner. Really sounds like an update is needed. Or you have a miscommunication between pcm and tcm while under load. Wasnt blaming that you were babying the truck. Just looking for the throttle an rpm situation. Either that or the converter solenoid is sticking or faulty etc. Does the truck do this while its in Tow/haul mode as well?
  7. It does not Matter what the frickin wind resistance and or load on the truck is. Weather it was at maximum load or 50% Load. The truck should pull and or shift correctly. Im sure there is a programming glitch or he ended up with a bad converter solenoid!! Stop trying to over diagnose a simple problem! Im sorry but most techs and dealerships have no idea how to diagnose a mechanical problem anymore. They look straight to trying to avoid warranty claims or electronic programming and electronic failures. Im betting this problem can be duplicated without a load on the truck. If not its an easy read while driving the truck and connected to a diagnostic scanner. I dont care if the truck was in a 100mph head wind and had been overloaded buy 50%. Has nothing to do with what the transmission and or converter is supposed to do. OP. please keep us updated on the problem. And sorry if i missed it but if you shift down and apply more throttle does the issue go away? 2000Rpm while under a heavy load is not the correct rpm to be trying to pull at. Make it eat and shift into the correct gear and bring the rpm up over 3000. then once up to cruising speed you should beable to cruise on flat ground in 5th with that weight.
  8. Motor city Rick. He is not explaining the problem as drive line slop. What he is explaining will not be caused just buy towing a trailer and excess weight. Sounds like the TCM needs a reprogram or update as its Locking and unlocking the converter in those rpms while under load.. The truck is designed to tow what he is towing without issue. As with most of us we do not have this problem. However with the newer variable cam timing and the transmission programming in the new trucks i can see where this issue could arise if the TCM and ecm are not cooperating properly. Torque converter lock and unlock and cam phase adjustments all happening at the same time causing a jerking or hesitation etc. Pretty sure its a tcm or programming problem. Not because he is towing a trailer. Most of us know what a trailer feels like while its being towed with the backlassh between hitch and truck etc.
  9. I had Katzkin do mine. From the dealer before we picked the truck up. Looks every bit like a OEM seat. Leather is very nice. I did get the heated seats in the front as well. Only thing different is that the heat control button is on the lower front part of the seat instead of on the dash.
  10. What kind of difference did you find? The engine grade braking only comes into effect if you are trying to hold a certain speed while going down hill. Did you find that this helped with quicker and or harder shifts? Or what changed thanks?
  11. 7.0l set up with a cast block. slightly smaller intake ports. Truck style intake manifold and a gm towing type cam. Should beable to make right around 500 ftlbs and an easy 450hp give or take. Big blocks were great tow motors. we just need a little more moddern one.
  12. Lt285/70R18 33" tire fits without touching a thing. Looks good and is bigger and a bit beefier than stock.
  13. Brand loyalty! Ease of repair. Ls engines are easier to work on than the old small block. Very reliable. Great transmission longevity. Oh and the engine isn't half way under the cab. Plus its a Chev. Still out works newer so called higher powered ford and dodge engines!!
  14. Marine applications have less emission tuning as well as now drive train related issues normally. The tune will be hotter. etc. Oh and a properly tuned stock l96 with Maybe a set of headers can pull down 400/400 without much issue. Yes they are detuned etc. Its why they last so long and will run at 5000rpm all day long. Gm needs to bump the power up in the six and everyone would be happy. Would be no issue getting into the 450hp range like the 6.2 and have a great torque curve as well. IF they would just cam and tune it correctly and not worry about drive train warranty.
  15. No need to lift of level for 33's with the right rims! Do you use your truck as a truck or a street princess? Lifting makes them look great, but try putting thing in and out of the box. Level is less money but then when you actually tow anything or load the box down. your truck is now nose high. just my thoughts. LOL

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