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  1. Have you done any of these flares with mud flaps as well?
  2. I installed the zone 2” lift on my ‘14 and now have 305/65/18 on stock rims. I have rub at full lock in reverse on the liner and partial rub on the mud flap at close to full lock
  3. I ended up putting bed liner on my 14 to help them last also the protect the paint. I noticed that had paint chipping behind the rear wheels even in the factory protected areas.
  4. I am not looking for anything crazy and found zone has a 2” lift kit. Looks to be the level kit with rear blocks. Have done some looking and didn’t find anything. Has anyone run this setup? Not sure I want to go to the 4.5” zone kit.
  5. There is a fuse. I don't remember which one but have had this happen with my work truck after the battery has gone dead. Needed to "reset" the system for the USB to charge or read my phone.

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