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  1. I have noticed mine are way more sensitive than my 14 was. Not sure why.
  2. Bet you can find someone on here to trade your black one for their chrome one.
  3. First Handgun Purchase, Some Questions

    Take a look at Sig Sauer. They are very nice. As far as caliber I would suggest a 45
  4. My guess is that you are going to get the run around from the dealer if your only problem is bad mileage. Maybe not but don't think they are going to do anything for you.
  5. According to the GM website, it is part of the convenience package. This is from GM website
  6. I had a 2014 with the 4.3l you could definitely feel the difference in power, but it does hurt your fuel mileage. About a 20% loss on fuel mileage
  7. Cold tires? Are the tires at proper pressures? If they are under inflated they will make more noise.
  8. Here is a YouTube video that might help.
  9. According to the build and price sheet you posted it looks like you would have to have the custom convenience package to have remote keyless entry. That goes along with what I posted from the GM website, says you need to have the convenience package to have keyless entry.
  10. Keyless entry is not standard equipment on the custom trim package. It is optional. Could check your RPO codes believe it is AQQ for keyless entry. Check out this website will tell you what is standard on your truck and what is optional equipment. Hope this helps. http://media.gm.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/vehicles/silverado/2017.tab3.html
  11. I would personally go with the crew cab. You may not be planning on children for 3 years, but sometimes plans change. The crew cab is a lot more child friendly. Not to say a double cab wouldn't work, I had a double cab for the first year with our son. The crew cab just makes things easier. Good luck with which ever one you choose.
  12. Just turn it around and come in the other way. I believe from the factory the bolt head is facing inboard. Just turn the bolt and come in from the outboard side and put the nut on the inboard side.

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