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  1. is there an off side to the switch? the US trucks have the spring-loaded knob you can turn it to off. I removed the spring so the light are always off unless i turn them on
  2. this wasn't available when i purchased my kit, but I dont notice my truck doing anything that would suggest i would need it. i know they now make it if i wanted it.
  3. I like the base off-white color. that's about it
  4. I was debating, but I ordered the diffusion option after looking at some videos on youtube. The floods look awesome, but are more of a direct beam pattern.
  5. have had mine for about 6 months. good purchase. always get compliments on it.
  6. If you don't use tapatalk, here...
  7. Check out Rigid Industries. they have some sweet kits
  8. I think i just got a good deal... i bought my truck about 60 days after the build date. truck had 25 miles on it and was at the dealership for about 40 days
  9. it was painful to read. im embarrassed for him
  10. Awesome wheel... too bad they dont make them in 8 lug

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