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  1. While every phone I've had works, I do agree that it is a poor design. Should definitely be wider and more powerful. But who knows. Hopefully they change it in the T1XX
  2. And how exactly am I thinking. You clearly missed the point of what I was saying. Not once did I say there wasn't an issue that GM needs to take care of, nor did I say that small vibrations are acceptable. Looks like you got your issue resolved with wheels and tires, so I don't know why you're still bitter with me. Don't take your frustration with GM out on me bc I said your issue wasn't what others have with their transfer case or driveshaft or whatever it is. Considering your issue was resolved with wheels and tires, it only shows that what I was saying was correct. Take it easy. Glad you got your issue resolved
  3. there should be a way to use car play/android auto via bluetooth. that would be so much better... or be able to activate screen projection wirelessly
  4. lol... i never said there wasn't an issue. all i said was that if someone hadn't noticed it until you brought it up, it most likely wasn't what others are experiencing
  5. Sounds like a good old fashioned let me self-diagnose my problems by reading 100 different things on the internet. Take it in.
  6. Lol huh? Mine is next to my window.... literally nowhere near the steering wheel
  7. +1 for Fox... can't say anything about bilstein
  8. LOL if he didn't notice it until you said something, I doubt it's what others are experiencing
  9. Lol I highly doubt GM gets any sort of kickback from SXM
  10. If I ever go back to AM/FM maybe I'll look into it. AM/FM doesn't have much worth listening to anyway

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