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  1. there should be a way to use car play/android auto via bluetooth. that would be so much better... or be able to activate screen projection wirelessly
  2. lol... i never said there wasn't an issue. all i said was that if someone hadn't noticed it until you brought it up, it most likely wasn't what others are experiencing
  3. Sounds like a good old fashioned let me self-diagnose my problems by reading 100 different things on the internet. Take it in.
  4. Lol huh? Mine is next to my window.... literally nowhere near the steering wheel
  5. +1 for Fox... can't say anything about bilstein
  6. LOL if he didn't notice it until you said something, I doubt it's what others are experiencing
  7. Lol I highly doubt GM gets any sort of kickback from SXM
  8. If I ever go back to AM/FM maybe I'll look into it. AM/FM doesn't have much worth listening to anyway
  9. Is it just me, or is the search function not working? Edit: lol unbelievable... No one has posted ANYTHING containing the word "oil" in the K2XX 2500/3500 forum or any of the sub forums 2nd edit: just saw the post a few before.
  10. Tapatalk app

    hmm not me. mine works just how it did before the update

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