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  1. All of those post about leaking third brake lights were the first thing to pop in my mind as well. I do like the looks of the brake light in the smoked version. I just wonder if the cargo lights are as bright as the LEDs that I put in my factory housing. I can't wait for someone to buy and install one then give us a review.
  2. It sure would be nice if someone would design, produce, and sell a plug and play DIY kit for the novice, such as myself!!
  3. Well, this is going to cost me some money! Props to the OP! You have a bad ass truck!
  4. I have always used AVS in-channel in the past, but I had a problem with rear ones falling out on my Yukon. The rear window on my truck is a lot longer than the Yukon window and there are a lot of bad reviews for the same thing. I prefer the look of the AVS on the front window because it doesn't run down the front side of the window, but I'm done dealing with trying to keep the rears from falling out. I have actually bought and installed the weathertech brand on my truck. I'm happy with their quality so far. I too read the same reviews about weathertechs, but I decided to give them a try since they had the clips for the rears. The clips are little bit of a PITA, but seem to be pretty effective if someone takes their time and installs everything correctly. IMO, the folks having problems with the rear weathertechs aren't installing them correctly.
  5. I haven't been able to find anything either but AVS has a low profile stick on that come color matched: https://www.lundinternational.com/avs/newproducts/ventvisors+and+window+deflectors/color-match+low+profile+ventvisor I have always had them painted in the past and that's my plan this time, should I decide to.
  6. Is there anyone out there in the white truck world that has color matched in-channel window visors/deflectors? I'd love to see pictures. I have always used AVS and had them painted to match on my previous trucks. I have decided to use Weathertech or EGR for this truck because they're getting better reviews, but I'm not sure how the front window visors will look painted white. Both WeatherTech and EGR run down the front of the window behind the mirror, and that's the part that I'm unsure how it will look. Thanks!!
  7. I had a 2007 Yukon Denali that the seat moved depending on which remote was used or by just pressing and releasing the numbered button on the door. Fast forward 10 years, I purchase a 2017 Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate and its like I went back 10 years. The remotes do not adjust the seats and I have to either put the key in or push and hold the numbered button until the seat has completely adjusted. That's just one of a few options that I had on a 10 year old Denali, that I no longer have on a new Denali!! I know that I went from a Yukon to a Sierra, but a Denali is a Denali!!!!
  8. I had a front wheel bearing go out on a GMC Yukon while on the way to the coast for vacation. My Yukon was out of warranty. I decided to have a dealer do the repairs anyway since I had no knowledge of the local independent repair shops. I searched and found the closest GM dealership, which happened to be a Chevy dealer. . I was at the dealership when they opened the next morning, which happened to be a Saturday. I noticed an employee pull up, so I met him at the door wile he was unlocking. He asked what I needed. I told him that I was traveling and desperately needed a wheel bearing replaced, he replied "We don't work on GMCs here". I made it clear that it wasn't warranty work and he replied "You need to go to the GMC dealership." The closest GMC dealership was another 30 miles down the road. Luckily they had the hub assembly in stock and agreed to squeeze me in on a Saturday morning when they were short staffed and closed at 12:00.
  9. My tailgate emblem is crooked as hell too. It drives me crazy every time that I see it. It's coming off as soon as I find the time!!!
  10. I have read in another post that guys were putting these inside the fuel door. Sounds like a good idea to get it out of sight!
  11. I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I can't find a lot of info either, but what I have found has been positive. Other than what the sales guy told me at the retail store and his bias was probably motivated by some monetary reasons. I'm pretty certain that the 4G Elite is what I'm going to go with though.
  12. I know that this is an older thread, but I'm looking for info on the Fold-A-Cover G4 Elite. I read where some of you guys posted back in 2015 that you had the G4 Elite. Now that some time has passed, are you still happy with it? I have been looking at hard covers on-line and really like the features of the G4 Elite. I stopped by a local store for a national truck accessory retailer today. I asked if they carried "Fold-A-Cover" and you would have thought that I just passed the worst smelling gas that they have ever smelled. Two different salesmen begin telling me how terrible Fold-A-Cover was in both quality and customer service. They went on to tell me that the biggest problem was the seals over the hinges at each joint would break or crack and then the cover would leak like crazy. One salesmen even estimated that 8 out of every 10 that he had sold gave problems and that Fold-A-Cover customer service was terrible to work with. He did say " I'll get you one, but your on your on after that".

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