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  1. Bugs

    Whats the technique with the dryer sheets?
  2. 3 Ton Floor Jack Stands Creeper Sears $110

    I had the same problem with the air in mine, but i only had to bleed it once.
  3. 3 Ton Floor Jack Stands Creeper Sears $110

    Those are good jack and jack stands. I had them a long time ago when i had a house with a small garage. They worked totally fine and safe every time for just your occasional use. Got rid of them because i moved into the city and and no room for them, no was i going to use them curb side to work on my truck. Now that im back in a house with a yard and garage and drive way, i need some and i'm going to get on that deal. Guys who are are talking about them being unsafe or crap because they are not expensive, When I was working in NASCAR and on a dirt late model race team, we use just standard jacks, noting high dollar, and never had an issue. The problem is in miss use of the jack and stands if anything bad is going to happen. Now we did have high dollar jacks but that cause we need to have the quick pump jacks, and where light weight to move fast. But rule number one, never get under the car with out at least on jack stand.
  4. Your "Blue" looks purple, that might just be the pic. Im a huge fan of blue and that would be my choice. but The white looks better just cause that "blue" looks purple. My opinion would be run the blue and if you get stopped right away change to the white. It seems like this is a simple installation.
  5. For my 2014 sierra I purchased the Lumen G8 fog light bulbs and they work great, tons of light they put out more light than the OEM projector lights. I highly recommend these. That being I ordered the Same Lumen G8 series for the headlights from CarID, same place i got the fog lights. When I ordered them I knew they were on back order, they are still on back order and CarID has no idea when the new stock will be filled. So I need recommendations for LED headlight bulbs. The Lumens Put out 6500 L and are super bright. What other are people running that are of very high quality in light. Also if anyone else on here has the G8, One review of the bulbs, had a person with a 2015 sierra and that they did not fit properly, and had problem with the shutter between the Hi-lo beam. Has any other person had this problem.
  6. Will that water less wash help remove bird shit easily with out scratching. I always have a problem with that.
  7. Grit guards??? Why?

    I solved my problem. i bought a mega pack of microfiber wash mitts, and one bucket, and just going to dip to the clean soapy water, wash, then throw out, grab a new one and repeat. boom! easy no problem of grit!!!
  8. Is there a good website I can find GM Factory wheels?
  9. True Dual exhuast

    That price is way more than i care about spending on exhaust. I wonder what there return policy is?? haha I'll buy it, then buy my own pipe and mufflers, copy it, then return it. Hahaha
  10. Grit guards??? Why?

    I always hang the mitt over the side of the bucket when im not using, I will agree it will probley help when dirt is stuck on the mitt even after dipping the pit in the rinse bucket, but i always just spray it with the hose to get that out. I probley end up breaking down and getting one. but another thing to store away....
  11. So girt guards are used so that the dirt and grim sink to the bottom of the bucket and do not get picked up on the mitt or sponge. Correct me if Im wrong. People keep saying that you really should use these, they are really important. And you also need one in each bucket. And I do use the two bucket method. My thought though is when you dip you mitt, DON'T LET IT GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BUCKET!! So is there any true explanation as to why you really need the grit guard? am I really missing something or are they a gimmick. I know they are like 6 bucks, but just another thing to add to the cleaning supplies.
  12. Used water wetter On the super dirt late model team i worked on. It never worked, we would still have over heating issues from time to time, and the engine always ran ran the same 180 degree warm up and 210 degree while racing. I see no need for it in a street vehicle. we only rain it cause the owner insisted and he was an idiot and a drunk.
  13. I agree with you 100 % i always think if that guy can do it so can I. I have a complex where if someone know more about something than me, I need to know what they do. I dont need to know than them, but i need to know as much as them
  14. Around me in Maryland, cc standard cab is almost the standard. There are a bunch of cc short bed, and a bunch of standard bed double cab, but the cc stand cab was easy to find. The 6.2 though barley found around here. If its not a 5.3 than it ussally a diesel.... man i still want a Diesel hahaha
  15. True Dual exhuast

    Thats what i am worried about building my own making sure i have proper back pressure and all flow and all that.

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